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The One Minute Cure (Part 1)

A book that is doing the rounds right now and becoming very popular is The One Minute Cure:  The Secret To Healing Virtually All Diseases.   The book quotes examples of people with (amongst other things) advanced cancer and HIV/AIDS returning to full health.

As regular readers will know, I am not a fan of the pharmaceutical companies and I am interested in alternative health methods.  I therefore brought the book and I thought I would share my humble opinion with you.

Firstly though, I will emphasise that although I consider myself to be quite well informed, I have no medical training and this is just my opinion.  It should not be considered as medical advice.

I did not agree with all that was said in the book, but its bottom line reasoning does make a lot of sense to me.  The book reasons that as our bodies are 70% to 80% water and water is 89% oxygen (by weight); then our bodies are 62% to 71% oxygen.  We can go without food and drink for days or even weeks, but will only last minutes without oxygen.  Oxygen really is THE most important element for human life.  We always feel better for a bit of fresh air, yet sluggish when staying indoors or in a smoky environment for too long.

Viruses, pathogenic bacteria and even cancer cells are anaerobic (thrive without oxygen) whilst the useful probiotic bacteria are aerobic (need oxygen).  So every cell in our body as well as the good bacteria that supports our life, all need a good supply of oxygen; whilst viruses, pathogenic bacteria and defective cells (like cancer cells) die in the presence of too much oxygen.  The One Minute Cure continues that we seldom get enough oxygen, especially if we live in areas of high pollution (always associated with higher disease rate and chemical sensitivity).

The One Minute Cure also quotes a theory stating that viruses and pathogenic bacteria do not in themselves cause disease, they look for an environment that they can thrive in (low oxygen).  I would argue that viruses and pathogens do actually cause disease, but obviously a well oxygenated body will fight the disease a lot more efficiently.

So bearing in mind than most of us do not have the time to spend all day on a mountain side practising deep breathing exercises, how do we efficiently oxygenate our bodies every day?

The One Minute Cure gives two main methods, the first being ozone therapy.  Oxygen is usually in the form of O2, that is 2 oxygen atoms joined together.  Ozone is O3, which is 3 oxygen atoms joined together.  You can see then that ozone provide an extra oxygen atom which obviously helps to super-oxygenate the body.  However, specialist equipment is needed and it can not easily be self administered.  If you go to a therapist, it can get expensive too.

The other method is much simpler and much more available.  It is simply to dilute an easily obtainable oxygen rich substance in pure water.  However, it comes with a warning as it can be dangerous if not applied properly:
1.      It must be diluted properly
2.     It must be food grade (no other grade)
3.     It must be taken several hours apart from food

If the guidelines are followed, then it is very safe, very cheap and supposedly very effective.  I am not going to name the substance here because to be blunt, I don’t want to be responsible for somebody not doing it right, harming themselves or their loved ones and then blaming me.  I won’t take that responsibility, so get the book and do it right.

Where I did not completely agree with the book is that it slates the pharmaceutical companies and the nutritional supplement industry.  I agree with most of what it says about the pharmaceutical companies, but I do acknowledge that we need them for some things (when natural methods are exhausted).  As for the nutritional supplements industry, I agree that there are a lot of products that do not live up to their claims or hype and are a waste of money.  However, with a bit of research you can find some very powerful nutritional supplements, yet The One Minute Cure (although not saying it outright) gives the impression that all nutritional supplements are a waste (which I can not agree with).  That said, the best nutritional supplements do tend to be more expensive, yet the One Minute Cure does offer a much cheaper alternative, that potentially may do the same job.

It also refers to colloidal silver stating that it can turn you blue (yawn – not that one again)!  I have answered that one so many times I will not bother here, but again The One Minute Cure does insinuate the worst case scenario, rather than a balanced overview.

It also quotes that 15,000 European doctors, naturopaths and homeopaths have administered this substance to over 10 million patients.  Without actually saying so, it gives that impression that this substance was administered in isolation.  However, I suspect that it was administered as part of a protocol along with other supplements (just my guess).

Overall however, I thought The One Minute Cure made a lot of sense and though I have doubts that it can completely cure virtually all diseases on its own, it does make sense that it will assist the body in fighting most diseases, viruses and pathogens, and increase the chances of returning to health.  I also believe that it is a good cheap maintenance method to help prevent you from getting ill in the first place (much cheaper than the best nutritional supplements).  I have some of the substance on order and am looking forward to trying it out.  I’ll let you know what I find.

Below is their promotional video:


The Declaration: Stop Babies Being Born Pre-Polluted

In the USA, the current law regulating toxic substances was passed in 1976.  Since then an estimated 20,000 new chemicals have become available. 

It is claimed that pre-polluted new born babies are coming into the world with 300 industrial chemicals already inside their tiny bodies.  Pollution is increasingly being linked with a wide range of serious conditions including childhood cancer, autism, ADHD, learning deficits, infertility and birth defects.  When I was a child (I’m 46 now) we hardly ever heard of things like ADHD or childhood cancer, now they are common place.

A campaign calling for action is asking people to sign an on-line petition called “The Declaration” which will be handed in to Congress when it is big enough.  Please watch the video below and sign the petition at

Then pass it on to your friends, family and anybody you know that loves kids.

If you are interested in reducing the number of chemicals that you and your family are exposed to on a daily basis, then you may want to look at some of my earlier posings on:
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Test For Drugs In Tap Water

An interesting article from The Independent (UK):

Drinking water supplies are to be tested for the presence of prescription drugs amid fears that rivers are being contaminated by the growing quantity of pharmaceuticals flushed unwittingly down the drain.


The Government has commissioned scientists to test river water at intake points where it is abstracted for human consumption, The Independent can reveal. They will also test drinking water after it has been through the water-treatment cycle.

Under a pilot project to begin next year, supplies will be examined for about five of the most common and potentially dangerous prescription drugs. The experts will meet over the next few weeks to decide which drugs to look for and where testing should be carried out. However, an insider said this was likely to be at selected sites on the river Thames because its water-catchment area covered the most densely populated part of the country.

Click here to read the rest of the article

How To Detoxify Your Body

Many people talk about the dangers of toxins in our food, our water, our air and of course . . . our bodies.  These toxins can cause a whole range of bad health conditions, allergies and chemical sensitivities. But how do we get these toxins out of our bodies.

One way is through using detoxification patches which draw the toxins out.  This could have some advantages for people with a lot of allergies, or it could be used to supplement an oral detoxification regime.

Detoxification patches know as Shu Li patches do not put anything into the body, they only take toxins out and are said to:

*    Support healthy circulation of blood
*    Absorb toxins that the body releases
*    Reduce bodily swelling
*    Alleviate minor pains
*    Improve sleep

Wood Vinegar
The Shu Li patches contain wood vinegar, tourmaline and germanium.  The therapy was founded by Dr Kawase Itsuko who discovered that the wood vinegar (resinous substance) from the mandarin tree possessed the ability to detoxify as well being able to ease pain and swelling. 

Tourmaline is one of the only minerals to naturally emit far infrared heat and ionization.  It has been studied all over the world as it is the only mineral to display permanent electricity and be a natural source of negative ions and far infrared rays.  It is said to create a resonance in the body which vibrates at the same frequency as water, having a positive effect on the nervous system and a cleansing effect on the body.  The Niwa Institute for Immunology, in Japan found in the early 90’s that it could assist in improving circulation, relieve stress, increase mental alertness and strengthen immune system function.

Far Infrared Radiation
Research into far infrared radiation has been carried out in the USA, Japan, China and Sweden for a range of conditions.  It can stimulate blood circulation and metabolism.  It also supports the elimination of poisons, carcinogenic heavy metals, lactic acid, free fatty acids and subcutaneous fat (associated with aging/fatigue), excess sodium (associated with hypertension) and uric acid (which causes pain).

Acupuncture Points
Acupuncture points on the feet are usually stimulated by needles (acupuncture) or by massage (reflexology).  However, Dr Kawase Itsuko realised that they can also be stimulated by the far infrared radiation emitted by the tourmaline.  For this reason it is recommended that the Shu Li patches be placed on the feet for maximum effect and an acupuncture point chart of the feet is provided.

How To Use
The Shu Li patches come in 2 parts.  The actual patch which is a bit like a tea bag containing the active ingredients and an adhesive patch to hold it in place.  It is best to put it on just before going to bed and remove it in the morning.  Although it is recommended to place it on the foot over the acupuncture point corresponding the condition suffered, it can be placed anywhere on the body including close to the site of discomfort.

Personal Experience
I used them on my partner Michele just before she passed away with cancer.  They would go on white and come of almost black.  Although they give relief to a number of ailments, I believe that they are best used in conjunction with other treatments/therapies.  The best thing however is that they are totally non invasive.

Heavy Metals Cause Many Health Disorders

A recent newsletter by Dr Mercola reports on how heavy metals are making people sick, even when people follow healthy dietary guidelines.  Even healthy eaters may digest food poorly or experience digestive distress.  The articlecontinues (as I have heard and read many times before) that build up of heavy metals can contribute to diseases such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, cancer and much more.

Dr Mercola comments that, “most people are absolutely clueless about just how toxic mercury is.  It is toxic at one in one billion-part quantities”.  How then can dentists still put mercury into our teeth as fillings and still have impunity?

Dr Mercola continues that heavy metal toxicity has become is one of today’s most pressing health issues with even babies being born with a toxic metal load and many things (especially cookware) contributing to this metal load.  He also reports on how some of the giant corporations are lobbying hard to block Senate Bills that would restrict the use of certain heavy metals from everyday items like food packaging.  I would recommend that you check out the whole article

As with my earlier posting on how corporations are trying to block our right to take vitamin and mineral supplements, it is all about making money with no regard for the human cost.  I have a partner with cancer and a father with Alzheimer’s.  Whilst there are multiple factors involved, I don’t understand how anybody can knowingly fight to unnecessarily keep these toxic metals/chemicals in the lives of ordinary people.  If governments are not concerned with the amount of human suffering, then they should at least consider the enormous cost to the countries health care system and the taxpayer. 

Not only are more and more people suffering these metal and chemical intolerance’s, but so are animals.

I have written before about the Dr Hulda Clark anti cancer protocol.  Dr Clark recommends the use of good quality stainless steel pots and pan (certainly no aluminium or Teflon) and even hardened plastic for cutlery.  She also recommends removal of all metal from the body, including removing teeth that have had metal fillings.

Dr Clark has been recommending this for decades and many scientific studies about the health risks of heavy metals have since been published; so how come so little has been done?  How come we are still even taking about it?

How To Make Your Water Safer When You Travel Or Eat Out

“More than 1 in 5 Americans unknowingly drink tap water polluted with feces, radiation or other contaminants.  Nearly 1,000 deaths each year and at least 400,000 cases of waterborne illness may be attributed to contaminated water”.

           –          The New York Times    June 2, 1995


Coming from the UK, I can tell you that it’s not much better over here either.  More and more people are becoming aware of the problems with our tap water.  Furthermore, our tap water is usually acidic, whilst our bodies should be alkaline.


Most people who keep fish know to check the PH level (measurement or acidity or alkalinity) regularly to make sure that the water remains alkaline.  I know of people in the city of Bath near to me, where they changed the water in the fish tank and their fish died.  This happened independently in a couple houses down the same street within days of each other.


Yet this same water is considered by our water authorities as fit for human consumption!


More and more people these days are becoming aware of this problem which is why the trade in water filters has grown enormously.  Practically every pharmacy and supermarket sells water filters now (I can’t remember them being sold when I was a child . . . a few years ago . . . . ahem!).


But what can you do if you travel a lot or eat out.  Its not practical carrying your own water filter around, not to mention the strange looks you would get.  Well the Japanese have come up with a very clever solution.


Firstly though, in 1980 the Guinness Book of Records sent a man from the United Kingdom to interview the oldest man alive at that time, being 115 years of age and living on an island just of the coast of Okinawa.  The Englishman noted that there were a lot of elderly people over the age of 100 on that island, who were quite active with no arthritis or degenerative diseases.  Back in England many people are struggling by the age 80.


The Japanese did a study to determine why people from these islands lived much longer than the other Japanese people.  The diet and lifestyle were pretty much the same.  However, they found that the water was different.  The islands were made of coral and as the rain fell it percolates through the coral sands and into the water supply.  The coral oxygenated, alkalised and mineralised the water that these people drank each day.


The Japanese began to mine the coral and use it in water filters.  Although this was successful, they soon realised that when they travelled or ate out, they could not use these filters.  Being inventive people, they started to put the coral into small bags similar to teabags. 


If you follow this link and watch this video you will see live demonstrations, showing that these coral teabags can neutralise chlorine in water, increase the oxygen in your blood stream and change an acid PH reading into an alkaline reading.  What the video does not show however, is that the coral also contains calcium, magnesium and over 70 trace minerals which become ionic in water making them more readily absorbed by the body.  The health benefits of the coral are that it can:


          Help assimilate vitamins and minerals from food and other supplements

          Cleanse the intestine, liver and kidneys.

          Help to protect you from free radicals.

          Improve joint and muscle mobility.

          Raise the body’s oxygen level.

          Assist with digestive problems.

          Regulate blood/sugar levels.

          Assist in maintaining correct blood pressure.

          Help against cancer.

          Neutralise acids in the body that can lead to illness.

          Help against heart disease and arthritis. 


So please watch the video to see the actual demonstrations


I should warn you however, that part of the video needs clarifying.  At the end of the video it says that you can only get the product by joining their multi level marketing affiliate program called The Berry Tree (or get it from somebody in that program).  This is misleading.  The coral in the video has had natural ingredients added to give it a berry flavour and it is only the berry-flavoured coral that is available through the Berry Tree affiliate program.  However, you can get the exact same coral calcium without the flavouring by going to the Nutronix website, clicking on “Products” (near top, center), then clicking on “alkalizing and detox” near the top of the list of links on the left.  It is called “O2 Performance Hydration”.


Should you be tempted to join the Berry Tree affiliate program then I will be honest, it does not live up to its hype.   I recommend that you simply get it direct from Nutronix.


For anybody that would like to research it further, there are a number of books on the subject.

In-Car Air Filters

Environmental awareness is growing as is chemical sensitivity. Many people are looking for safer cleaning product, less additives in food, water filters and so on. One of the worst environments that we find ourselves in on a daily basis (which is often overlooked), is in fact our own cars.

The engine creates a continuous sequence of controlled explosions just a few feet away from us. Old or badly maintained engines can leak oil, fuel or exhaust fumes which are sucked into the cars ventilation system; whilst just a few more feet behind you the exhaust from the sequence of controlled explosions is pumped out. Then you have everybody else’s fumes to contend with too.

Did you know that you can actually fit an air filter into your car that removes particles, odors, particulates and volatile organic compounds? Until recently I was not aware of them.  However, my brother and his wife use one, so to find out more read Nat’s article on “How To Reduce Our Pollution Intake On Car Journeys“.