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When Beauty Is Very Much More Than Skin Deep

Collagen is mainly known as a beauty product, but it is so very much more.  Collagen is a structural protein which accounts for about 1/3 of the bodies total protein.  Every element of our bodies contain collagen.  From the beauty perspective, this includes skin, hair and nails.  From a more important health perspective (depending on your view-point) this includes connective tissue, ligaments, tendons, cartilage and muscles, which is why I now take it.

Just over a decade ago, collagen was only really available topically or  injected as a beauty treatment.  It could not be taken internally as the collagen was usually attached to a water molecule which was too big to be absorbed properly when taken orally.  However, special manufacturing techniques have been found to separate the collagen from the water so that it can be taken orally.  This means that collagen produced this way can now support the whole body, externally and internally, and not only at the site it is applied.

There two main types of collagen, with the wildly exotic names of “Type I” and “Type II”!

Type I collagen is mainly for the skin, hair and nails which is why it is enthusiastically endorsed by celebrities such as Lucy Liu, Gwen Stefani, Carol Vorderman and Martine McCutcheon.  However, as much as my friends(?) tell me that I need all the help I can get in the looks department, it is the internal benefits that interest me most.

In the city of Bath, UK, near to where I live; is a former British captain of the Olympic Modern Pentathlon team, James Greenwell.  Whilst training to compete for Great Britain in 2003, James snapped his archilles tendon.  This was considered a career ending injury and the medical team advised that it would probably be 12 weeks before he could even train again.  However, James was back in training in just over 3 weeks and was able to compete internationally again.  He believes this is due to using large quantities of collagen.  As a bonus, he also noticed that his skin improved as well.  Being in the modern pentathlon, he spent a lot of time swimming and fencing.  Chlorine in the water and extended periods in a hot sweaty fencing mask had taken its toll on his skin, the improvement was easy to see.

James was so impressed with the Collagen that set up his own company to market this brand manufactured with the new technology.  As I have reported earlier in this blog, I have had knee problems which adversely affected my Karate training.  I thought at one point that I may have to give it up.  However, I have used orthotics to correct the structure of my legs (collapsed arch leading to knee problems) and have also taken collagen and ginger to help my joints.  There is a vast improvement in knees now.  I can’t say how much is down to each element.  Certainly the orthotics played the main part in correcting my leg structure, thus reducing pain.  However, it never completely cured the problem and having started taking the collagen as well, I do find that it helps to further alleviate the problem to the extent that although still get some discomfort, I have actually been able to produce an instruction DVD on Kicking.

I’ll provide more of the science in the next posting.  In the meantime, although he’s not as pretty as Lucy Lui here’s a James himself to tell you a bit more about the benefits of collagen:-


Blog Action Day: 2010

Today is Blog Action Day 2010, and this years theme is . . . . water.

Why water?

For one thing, 42,000 people die each week from unsafe water.  Most of us, at least in the Western World, take water for granted but almost a billion people around the world do not have access to clean water.  In Africa many women and children have to walk miles each day to get water (and that water is not necessarily clean).

Safe clean water is poised to become a scarce resource over the 21st century.  With the icecaps melting and our water levels rising, salt water will come further and further inland.  Even in areas that are not permanently flooded, it will damage our farmland, destroy homes and contaminate the clean water that we do have.  That could leave us with a world that is just too scary to contemplate.  It would cause refuge problems far greater than any war that’s ever been.  More and more people would start to compete for less and less land.

Blog Action Day is here to draw our attention to this plight and also to ask people to sign a petition to the UN Secretary General urging him to continue the UN’s life-saving work bringing water and sanitation to developing nations.  Please go and have a look at their website and then sign their petition.

Here is their promotional video:

Colloidal Silver and Depression: Claims Made By The Ultimate Colloidal Silver Manual

I’ve taken the following article is from Colloidal Silver Secrets:

Colloidal silver and depression — an excerpt from The Ultimate Colloidal Silver Manual

“Another customer – a 21 year old woman – tells us that when she first tried colloidal silver at the behest of a good friend, she brewed up a 16 ounce glassful of about 10 ppm, and drank it straight down.

She said that after drinking it, something just lifted from her body. She felt like a hidden burden had been removed. She hadn’t even realized how depressed she had been. She told us that she had felt mentally dull and lethargic on a daily basis for as long as she could remember, and just figured that was how she was supposed to feel.

When we spoke to her several days after trying the colloidal silver, she asked “What’s in that stuff, anyway? I haven’t felt so well in years.”

After having a number of these types of experiences related to us by customers, we speculated that perhaps these people had been victimized by long-term underlying infections which had been causing the depression as a side effect. And that perhaps when the colloidal silver killed off the infection, the body was able to reverse the depressed state.

But that didn’t explain how some of these people had been completely relieved of their depressions so quickly – several said they could feel the depression leaving their bodies within 15 to 20 minutes after drinking the colloidal silver. So, to try to find out more, we contacted independent colloidal silver researcher Darrel Tichy and asked him what he thought might be going on.

He explained that there was indeed some recent medical research that might explain these experiences. He says this research demonstrated that a small amount of mineral silver is needed by the human body to effectively process certain B-vitamins, particularly B-12, which is the body’s energy and stamina vitamin. B-12 deficiencies have long-been known to result in lethargic and depressed physical and mental states in people. And now, B-12 deficiencies (at least some) have been linked to low levels of silver in the body, according to Tichy.

So, if the body is deficient in mineral silver, it may not be effectively processing and utilizing vitamin B-12. Tichy speculated that the people we had spoken with may have been B-12 deficient due to a lack of mineral silver in their bodies, which prevented their bodies from effectively processing the B-12 in the foods they ate. Ingesting the silver particles in the colloidal silver gave their bodies the mineral silver needed to effectively begin processing and utilizing B-12, and that is what caused the sudden and dramatic reversals of depression.

In other words, adding the silver to their systems triggered a B-12 uptake which was akin to getting an injection of B-12 at the doctors office!

Well, we don’t know for sure why colloidal silver seems to work so well for these individuals who suffered from depression. But we do know, by their own accounts, that it is working for them. In almost every case relayed to us, the individual initially drank a full 16 ounce glass of homemade 10 ppm colloidal silver, and if it worked they only repeated that dosage whenever symptoms of their depression seemed to be returning.

Indeed, most told us that they are now able to stifle recurring depressive episodes simply by taking a few ounces of colloidal silver the moment they feel even the slightest twinge of depression returning!”

I have to be honest in that the silver referred above is made by a home generator, which I am not in favour of as the production process can not be so well guaranteed as colloidal silver from a reputable manufacturer.  That said, the science referred to involves mineral silvers interaction with B-12 so it should work regardless.

I have not had the personal experience of myself, family or customers noticing differences in depression levels, but that might just be that we were getting enough B-12.

In the above article, Colloidal Silver Secrets is quoting from “The Ultimate Colloidal Silver Manual”.  However, they do pass their own comment which I think is very valid, so I will include that here too:

It is also important to note that depression is a multi-faceted condition and can have different causes in different people. A number of natural treatments are available and your health care practitioner should always be consulted if depression is severe of prolonged. We highly recommend the book, The Omega-3 Connection by Dr. Andrew Stoll, M.D., which discusses the use of Omega 3 fatty acids for alleviating depression naturally.

For  more information about Omega 3 fatty acids, see my section on the Budwig Oil Protein diet.


Pathogenic Bacteria Evolve Faster Than Antibiotics Can Keep Up With: Should We Care?

It has recently been reported in the UK paper, The Guardian, that in the near future we will have to live in a world without antibiotics, due to the rapidity with which bacteria develop resistance to them.

The Guardian article reports on a findings by Professor Tim Walsh and his colleagues, last September.  Walsh reportedly discovered a gene, named “NDM 1”, which readily passes between a category of bacteria known as enterobacteriaceae.  This category includes E. Coli, Klebsiella Pneumoniae and other such bacterial charmers!  They will join MRSA as super resistant bugs.

The NDM 1 gene makes these bacteria resistant to most of today’s most powerful antibiotics.  On August 11th, 2010, the respected journal, Lancet Infectious Diseases asked, “is this the end of antibiotics”.  Lancet reported that not only is NDM 1 widespread in India, but it has arrived in the UK due to global travel and “medical tourism” (transplant, pregnancy care & cosmetic surgery.

Dr Livermore who is director of the antibiotic resistance monitoring and reference laboratory of the Health Protection Agency said, “a lot of modern medicine would become impossible if we lost our ability to treat infections“.  He was referring to transplant surgery where the patient is required to have their immune system suppressed so as not to reject the new organ.  No effective antibiotics would leave them vulnerable to opportunistic infections.

The rest of the article is quite pessimistic, painting a Darwinian battle of evolution between bacteria and humans, that we can’t possibly win (as we cannot evolve as fast).

The Guardian asks the question:

After antibiotics: what happens when the drugs don’t work?

The sad and bleak answers given by the Guardian are:

• Transplant surgery becomes virtually impossible. Organ recipients have to take immune-suppressing drugs for life to stop rejection of a new heart or kidney. Their immune systems cannot fight off life-threatening infections without antibiotics.

• Removing a burst appendix becomes a dangerous operation once again. Patients are routinely given antibiotics after surgery to prevent the wound becoming infected by bacteria. If bacteria get into the bloodstream, they can cause life-threatening septicaemia.

• Pneumonia becomes once more “the old man’s friend”. Antibiotics have stopped it being the mass-killer it once was, particularly among the old and frail, who would lapse into unconsciousness and often slip away in their sleep. Other diseases of old age, such as cancer, have taken over.

• Gonorrhea becomes hard to treat. Resistant strains are already on the rise. Without treatment, the sexually transmitted disease causes pelvic inflammatory disease, infertility and ectopic pregnancies.

• Tuberculosis becomes incurable – first we had TB, then multi-drug-resistant TB (MDR-TB) and now there is XDR-TB (extremely drug resistant TB). TB requires very long courses (six months or more) of antibiotics. The very human tendency to stop taking or forget to take the drugs has contributed to the spread of resistance.

Of course, nobody asks the question: what could we use in the place of antibiotics?  The article and the sources it quotes don’t even give a second thought that there might conceivably be another way.

It is little wonder really when the FDA is so enthusiastically trying to stamp out anything non pharmaceutical such as MMS and colloidal silver which could help.  Doctors who promote such alternatives (regardless of scientific evidence) risk losing their licence for suggesting it.  Companies promoting them risk being shut down if they make too many claims.

When penicillin was discovered, the medical establishment and pharmaceutical companies took a huge step forward.  These days, penicillin is of very limited use.  All modern “wonder drugs” will eventually end up as I “wonder” what happened to them.  This is the law of evolution which we cannot keep up.  I am prevented by the FDA from telling you all that the advanced colloidal silver can do.  Suffice to say that if the alarmist warnings above are correct, then the medical establishment would be extremely negligent for not considering it (and other similar options like MMS).  As for bacteria mutating and evolving; for all Trekkies out there I would like to quote from Star Trek; “resistance is futile“.

Poison In Your Mouth

Below is a fascinating video from The International Academy Of Oral Medicine & Toxicology on the subject of mercury fillings.  I have been aware for many years that mercury fillings leach mercury into our bodies over time.  I did not really understand though, how much or how easily this could be done.

Any form of “exciting” the filling will speed up the leaching process.  This includes smoking, hot drinks, grinding teeth and worst of all; drilling.  This is clearly demonstrated in the video below in a way I have never seen before.  If I wasn’t already convinced about the dangers of mercury (amalgam) fillings, I would be now.

Experiments with sheep and monkeys have proven that mercury can migrate to all parts of the body and also be passed from mother to unborn fetus (then again from mother to baby from breast-feeding).

Dr Hulda Clark insisted years ago in her anti cancer protocol that all mercury fillings must be removed for the patient to recover.  In fact she was in favour of removing the whole tooth.  The part that is disconcerting though is that this evidence HAS BEEN AVAILABLE TO MAINSTREAM DENTISTRY FOR YEARS, yet the majority just ignored it.

This is quite a scary video.  I’m glad that I’ve had all my mercury filling replaced, even if it was a bit expensive at the time.  Get the poison out!

Telegraph: Five Out Of Six New Prescription Drugs Don’t Work, Doctor Claims

This is a recent report which appeared in the British newspaper, The Telegraph.  I’ll let you draw your own conclusions, I already have:

Large firms hyped-up patented medicines, spent vast amounts on getting doctors to prescribe them and underplayed serious side effects, said Prof Donald Light, a sociologist and professor of comparative health policy at the University of Medicine and Dentistry in New Jersey, US.

This is a recent article that appeared in the British newspaper, The Telegraph.  Draw your own conclusion, I already have!”For this reason the safety of all medicines is monitored closely by the MHRA,” she said.A spokesman for the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Authority said it recognised the need to expand knowledge of new drugs’ possible side effects in the wider population after clinical trials.When the “toxic side effects” of prescription drugs were taken into account, and their misuse, he claimed they were “a signficant cause of death”.

“The UK pharmaceutical industry also adheres to a strict code of practice on the sales and marketing of its products.”

Chloresterol-lowering statins were a classic example of the drugs industry overselling a product as a wonder-pill to prevent heart attacks, despite evidence that they could do more harm than good, he claimed.

In a paper that he presented to the American Sociological Association (ASA) on Tuesday, he said pharmacuetical companies were guilty of creating a “market for lemons” – one in which the seller knows much more than the buyer about the product, and takes advantage of this fact.

He said: “Sometimes drug companies hide or downplay information about serious side-effects of new drugs and overstate the drugs’ benefits.

“Then, they spend two to three times more on marketing than on research to persuade doctors to prescribe these new drugs.

“Doctors may get misleading information and then misinform patients about the risks of a new drug. It’s really a two-tier market for lemons.”

He claimed it was the “most dangerous market for lemons in modern society”, with toxic side effects and misuse of prescription drugs making them a significant cause of death in the US.

“Neither wars nor used car injuries come close,” he said.

His allegations have been dismissed by the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI), which said he was “long on accusation and woefully short on hard evidence”,

But Prof Light, who has also written articles for the British Medical Journal and the Lancet, said data from independent reviewers suggested that five out of six (85 per cent) of new drugs provided few, if any, new benefits.

His claims are outlined in the paper and also a book, The Risk of Prescription Drugs, due to be published this autumn.

With statins, he said drugs companies had boiled down complex set of relationships between heart disease and saturated fats and cholesterol into the over-simplistic message that “cholesterol kills”.

Yet two major trials of statins found little evidence they reduced the risk of heart attacks. One major meta-analysis of a number of studies, found that “statins were not associated with reduction in the risk of all-cause mortality”, he said.

Prof Light argued: “Current incentives for research produce a few [drugs] that substantially improve patients’ chances of getting better or avoiding death but a large number of barely innovative drugs each year.

“These new drugs of little benefit consume about four-fifths of all drug costs.”

He accused companies of swamping drugs regulators with large numbers of “incomplete, partial, sub-standard clinical trials”.

“The result is that drugs get approved without anyone being able to know how effective they really are or how much serious harm they will cause,” he said.

When patients complained of adverse reactions, studies showed doctors were likely to dismiss them, he said.

However, the ABPI issued a stern defence of the sector. A spokesman said: “Millions of people are alive today thanks to medicines. Medicines have transformed the management of conditions which previously caused death, impaired the quality of life or required hospitalisation.

“There is still great unmet medical need and the pharmaceutical industry is actively researching new cures to address these illnesses.

She noted there was now “much greater transparency in clinical trial results” with companies registering their results on websites such as

Sweden & Finland Join Australia With Concerns On Swine Flu Vaccine

A few posts ago, I reported on Dr Buttar’s work with Autism and its links with vaccines.   Now hot of the press, I get the Dr Mercola e-newsletter reporting on Sweden and Finland’s concerns over the Swine Flu vaccine, Pandemrix, due to it causing narcolepsy symptoms in children.  Australia already banned the vaccine for children under 5 earlier this year.

Despite these toxic side effects, the FDA will still continue to actively attack anybody promoting alternative methods which do not have the side effects and continue to promote only drugs from the pharmaceutical companies.  Surely we deserve to make an informed choice for ourselves.

So here is Dr Mercola’s report hot of the press this morning:

The Swedish Medical Products Agency has received reports from health care professionals regarding narcolepsy as suspected adverse drug reaction following Pandemrix flu vaccination.

The reports concern teenaged children who developed narcolepsy symptoms one to two months after vaccination against the H1N1 pandemic. Finland is also looking into the possible link following an increase in the sleeping disorder among children this spring.

According to The Local:

“In the European Union, around 30 million people were vaccinated using Pandemrix. Sweden bought 18 million doses, which was enough to provide two injections for each person in its 9.3 million population.”

The Pandemrix package insert shows that “somnolence”, although not narcolepsy per se, is a known potential side effect of the drug.

Finland’s National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) has also issued an order to stop the use of Pandemrix swine flu vaccine due the probable link to narcolepsy in children. The agency received six reports of children who developed chronic sleep disorders after they received the vaccine in January 2010, Seer Press News reports.

Six cases of narcolepsy with cataplexy – a rare disorder characterized by chronic sleepiness, together with a loss of muscle tone – have been detected in France in persons vaccinated against influenza A/H1N1.

As you may recall, Australia also banned the swine flu vaccine for children under the age of 5, back in April, 2010, due to excessively high rates of febrile convulsions.