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The One Minute Cure (Part 1)

A book that is doing the rounds right now and becoming very popular is The One Minute Cure:  The Secret To Healing Virtually All Diseases.   The book quotes examples of people with (amongst other things) advanced cancer and HIV/AIDS returning to full health.

As regular readers will know, I am not a fan of the pharmaceutical companies and I am interested in alternative health methods.  I therefore brought the book and I thought I would share my humble opinion with you.

Firstly though, I will emphasise that although I consider myself to be quite well informed, I have no medical training and this is just my opinion.  It should not be considered as medical advice.

I did not agree with all that was said in the book, but its bottom line reasoning does make a lot of sense to me.  The book reasons that as our bodies are 70% to 80% water and water is 89% oxygen (by weight); then our bodies are 62% to 71% oxygen.  We can go without food and drink for days or even weeks, but will only last minutes without oxygen.  Oxygen really is THE most important element for human life.  We always feel better for a bit of fresh air, yet sluggish when staying indoors or in a smoky environment for too long.

Viruses, pathogenic bacteria and even cancer cells are anaerobic (thrive without oxygen) whilst the useful probiotic bacteria are aerobic (need oxygen).  So every cell in our body as well as the good bacteria that supports our life, all need a good supply of oxygen; whilst viruses, pathogenic bacteria and defective cells (like cancer cells) die in the presence of too much oxygen.  The One Minute Cure continues that we seldom get enough oxygen, especially if we live in areas of high pollution (always associated with higher disease rate and chemical sensitivity).

The One Minute Cure also quotes a theory stating that viruses and pathogenic bacteria do not in themselves cause disease, they look for an environment that they can thrive in (low oxygen).  I would argue that viruses and pathogens do actually cause disease, but obviously a well oxygenated body will fight the disease a lot more efficiently.

So bearing in mind than most of us do not have the time to spend all day on a mountain side practising deep breathing exercises, how do we efficiently oxygenate our bodies every day?

The One Minute Cure gives two main methods, the first being ozone therapy.  Oxygen is usually in the form of O2, that is 2 oxygen atoms joined together.  Ozone is O3, which is 3 oxygen atoms joined together.  You can see then that ozone provide an extra oxygen atom which obviously helps to super-oxygenate the body.  However, specialist equipment is needed and it can not easily be self administered.  If you go to a therapist, it can get expensive too.

The other method is much simpler and much more available.  It is simply to dilute an easily obtainable oxygen rich substance in pure water.  However, it comes with a warning as it can be dangerous if not applied properly:
1.      It must be diluted properly
2.     It must be food grade (no other grade)
3.     It must be taken several hours apart from food

If the guidelines are followed, then it is very safe, very cheap and supposedly very effective.  I am not going to name the substance here because to be blunt, I don’t want to be responsible for somebody not doing it right, harming themselves or their loved ones and then blaming me.  I won’t take that responsibility, so get the book and do it right.

Where I did not completely agree with the book is that it slates the pharmaceutical companies and the nutritional supplement industry.  I agree with most of what it says about the pharmaceutical companies, but I do acknowledge that we need them for some things (when natural methods are exhausted).  As for the nutritional supplements industry, I agree that there are a lot of products that do not live up to their claims or hype and are a waste of money.  However, with a bit of research you can find some very powerful nutritional supplements, yet The One Minute Cure (although not saying it outright) gives the impression that all nutritional supplements are a waste (which I can not agree with).  That said, the best nutritional supplements do tend to be more expensive, yet the One Minute Cure does offer a much cheaper alternative, that potentially may do the same job.

It also refers to colloidal silver stating that it can turn you blue (yawn – not that one again)!  I have answered that one so many times I will not bother here, but again The One Minute Cure does insinuate the worst case scenario, rather than a balanced overview.

It also quotes that 15,000 European doctors, naturopaths and homeopaths have administered this substance to over 10 million patients.  Without actually saying so, it gives that impression that this substance was administered in isolation.  However, I suspect that it was administered as part of a protocol along with other supplements (just my guess).

Overall however, I thought The One Minute Cure made a lot of sense and though I have doubts that it can completely cure virtually all diseases on its own, it does make sense that it will assist the body in fighting most diseases, viruses and pathogens, and increase the chances of returning to health.  I also believe that it is a good cheap maintenance method to help prevent you from getting ill in the first place (much cheaper than the best nutritional supplements).  I have some of the substance on order and am looking forward to trying it out.  I’ll let you know what I find.

Below is their promotional video:


The Truth About HIV/AIDS (Part 2): The Test

Something that not everybody realises is that the HIV test does not actually test for HIV. 

So what does it test for Charlie?

It tests for the antibodies to HIV. 

So what?

Well if it was to test for actual HIV, then it could be said to be specific.  However, as it tests for antibodies to HIV, it is not specific.  If one antibody was to fight just one virus then that would be fine, but any given antibody can actually fight a whole range of viruses.  Logic dictates then that a whole range of viruses can give a false positive reading when tested.  Scientific literature has recorded over 60 medical condition that create raised antibody actively which can lead to a false positive.  That includes: flu, flu injection, malaria, tetanus injection, hepatitis A & B, recent viral infections and even pregnancy!

William Blattner who is an expert on HIV/AIDS said in 1989, “one difficulty in assessing the specificity and sensitivity of retrovirus assays is the absence of a final gold standardIn the absence of gold standards for HTLV-I and HIV-1, the true sensitivity and specificity for the detection of viral antibodies remain imprecise“.  Furthermore, between 1989 and 1998, an insert to the Abbott HIV antibody test stated, “At present there is no recognised standard for establishing the presence or absence of HIV-1 antibody in human blood“.

Now you may think that I am quoting old references here.  You’re right.  However, in the early/mid 80’s when diagnosis was known not be very specific, the first drug used was AZT, a side effect of which is myelosuppression.  That is damaging the ability of the bone marrow to produce new whites cells (the recipient would acquire an immune deficiency).  A key factor in determining whether a person with HIV was developing full blown AIDS is the white blood cell count which AZT would damage. 

Furthermore, the standards applied to HIV testing (particularly the Western Blot) vary depending on which part of the world you live in.  The criteria for being positive in Africa is lower than in most other parts of the world (there’s a surprise).  So if you are a HIV positive African, move to the West and you may become HIV negative 🙂

I have mentioned before that this is something I feel passionate about (Part 1, comments).  Otherwise I could have emphasised that trials are being conducted on the Advanced Colloidal Silver (which I promote) against HIV.  However, I have not emphasised what could have been a good sales gimmick for me as I don’t want to take advantage of peoples suffering and I genuinely believe that this information needs to reach the people who need it.

The Truth About HIV / AIDS (Part 1)

There is a lot of discussion, particularly amongst the alternative therapies community about the whole HIV/AIDS hypothesis.  A number of scientific papers by eminent scientists and books have been written, debunking the whole HIV/AIDS theory.
To understand the situation better, it is best to take a look at the history of how it came about.  In the 1960’s, Nixon declared war on cancer.  At that time it was believed that cancer might be caused by a category of viruses know as retro-viruses.  This was because retro-viruses cause cells to multiply (with cancer, cells multiply out of control). The US spent about 20 years and 20 billion dollars investigating retro-viruses and cancer, yet could not find a single clinically significant retro-virus. Job prospects for retro-virologists were looking rather bleak.
However, the French came to the rescue in the early 1980’s when they were studying a group of homosexuals suffering from an immune deficiency and also (conveniently) some of them had traces of a retro-virus. Samples were sent to the American retro-virologists.  This consequently led to one of these retro-virologists, Dr Robert Galo, announcing that he had found the cause of AIDS.  Subsequent studies found that 99 to 100% of the French homosexuals who were found to have this immune deficiency where abusing amole nitrates (poppers), which give men a more intense orgasm.  At that time (the 80’s) taking poppers was quite common in the gay community, which was just really starting to open up in a big way and fight for gay rights.

It is important to note here that poppers are a known immune system suppressant.  If you use them continually, you will acquire an immune deficiency however healthy you may be now.

Another very important point to note is that only about 40% of the homosexuals in the French study actually had traces of the retro-virus.

To sum up, 99 to 100% of the study group were abusing a known immune suppressant, whilst only about 40% had traces of a retro-virus that 20 years and $20billion found clinically insignificant.  Despite this and the fact that Dr Robert Galo was later found guilty of scientific fraud for taking credit for the French discovery, the US government declared war on HIV/AIDs and a huge gravy train was gathering momentum.   

Those of us around in the 80’s will recall that AIDS was primarily associated with gay people and drug addicts at the time.  As discussed, drugs will lower your immune system so that would account for drug addicts and the gay people who were using poppers acquiring an immune deficiency.  As much of mainstream society back then was intolerant of the fledgling gay rights movement, and drug users have never been popular; it made them easy targets to blame for what was perceived as a new oncoming epidemic.  I don’t remember the figures, but it was predicted back in the 80’s that AIDS would be killing off masses all over the globe by now.  Being able to blame unpopular groups in society helped the gravy train to build up even more speed as the rest of us would need to be saved from them.

Then it all gets a lot better . . . . not.

The first main drug used to treat anybody diagnosed as HIV positive was AZT.  Bearing in mind that HIV is supposed to damage your immune system, AZT was originally created as a form of chemotherapy.  So what does chemotherapy do to your immune system?  It devastates it. 

Furthermore, AZT had (during the war on cancer) been rejected as it was excessively toxic (even by chemotherapy standards).  So if you were HIV positive at that time, you would be given a drug that would lead you to acquire an immune deficiency.