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The One Minute Cure (Part 1)

A book that is doing the rounds right now and becoming very popular is The One Minute Cure:  The Secret To Healing Virtually All Diseases.   The book quotes examples of people with (amongst other things) advanced cancer and HIV/AIDS returning to full health.

As regular readers will know, I am not a fan of the pharmaceutical companies and I am interested in alternative health methods.  I therefore brought the book and I thought I would share my humble opinion with you.

Firstly though, I will emphasise that although I consider myself to be quite well informed, I have no medical training and this is just my opinion.  It should not be considered as medical advice.

I did not agree with all that was said in the book, but its bottom line reasoning does make a lot of sense to me.  The book reasons that as our bodies are 70% to 80% water and water is 89% oxygen (by weight); then our bodies are 62% to 71% oxygen.  We can go without food and drink for days or even weeks, but will only last minutes without oxygen.  Oxygen really is THE most important element for human life.  We always feel better for a bit of fresh air, yet sluggish when staying indoors or in a smoky environment for too long.

Viruses, pathogenic bacteria and even cancer cells are anaerobic (thrive without oxygen) whilst the useful probiotic bacteria are aerobic (need oxygen).  So every cell in our body as well as the good bacteria that supports our life, all need a good supply of oxygen; whilst viruses, pathogenic bacteria and defective cells (like cancer cells) die in the presence of too much oxygen.  The One Minute Cure continues that we seldom get enough oxygen, especially if we live in areas of high pollution (always associated with higher disease rate and chemical sensitivity).

The One Minute Cure also quotes a theory stating that viruses and pathogenic bacteria do not in themselves cause disease, they look for an environment that they can thrive in (low oxygen).  I would argue that viruses and pathogens do actually cause disease, but obviously a well oxygenated body will fight the disease a lot more efficiently.

So bearing in mind than most of us do not have the time to spend all day on a mountain side practising deep breathing exercises, how do we efficiently oxygenate our bodies every day?

The One Minute Cure gives two main methods, the first being ozone therapy.  Oxygen is usually in the form of O2, that is 2 oxygen atoms joined together.  Ozone is O3, which is 3 oxygen atoms joined together.  You can see then that ozone provide an extra oxygen atom which obviously helps to super-oxygenate the body.  However, specialist equipment is needed and it can not easily be self administered.  If you go to a therapist, it can get expensive too.

The other method is much simpler and much more available.  It is simply to dilute an easily obtainable oxygen rich substance in pure water.  However, it comes with a warning as it can be dangerous if not applied properly:
1.      It must be diluted properly
2.     It must be food grade (no other grade)
3.     It must be taken several hours apart from food

If the guidelines are followed, then it is very safe, very cheap and supposedly very effective.  I am not going to name the substance here because to be blunt, I don’t want to be responsible for somebody not doing it right, harming themselves or their loved ones and then blaming me.  I won’t take that responsibility, so get the book and do it right.

Where I did not completely agree with the book is that it slates the pharmaceutical companies and the nutritional supplement industry.  I agree with most of what it says about the pharmaceutical companies, but I do acknowledge that we need them for some things (when natural methods are exhausted).  As for the nutritional supplements industry, I agree that there are a lot of products that do not live up to their claims or hype and are a waste of money.  However, with a bit of research you can find some very powerful nutritional supplements, yet The One Minute Cure (although not saying it outright) gives the impression that all nutritional supplements are a waste (which I can not agree with).  That said, the best nutritional supplements do tend to be more expensive, yet the One Minute Cure does offer a much cheaper alternative, that potentially may do the same job.

It also refers to colloidal silver stating that it can turn you blue (yawn – not that one again)!  I have answered that one so many times I will not bother here, but again The One Minute Cure does insinuate the worst case scenario, rather than a balanced overview.

It also quotes that 15,000 European doctors, naturopaths and homeopaths have administered this substance to over 10 million patients.  Without actually saying so, it gives that impression that this substance was administered in isolation.  However, I suspect that it was administered as part of a protocol along with other supplements (just my guess).

Overall however, I thought The One Minute Cure made a lot of sense and though I have doubts that it can completely cure virtually all diseases on its own, it does make sense that it will assist the body in fighting most diseases, viruses and pathogens, and increase the chances of returning to health.  I also believe that it is a good cheap maintenance method to help prevent you from getting ill in the first place (much cheaper than the best nutritional supplements).  I have some of the substance on order and am looking forward to trying it out.  I’ll let you know what I find.

Below is their promotional video:


Facts and Myths About Colloidal Silver (Part 2)

Further to the first part of this posting, I have still received a comment (on a completely different posting) warning about Argyria (a condition that turns the skin blue). This is good as I welcome discussion. I have addressed the question of safety from argyria in Part 1 of this posting, as well as misleading claims by a number of colloidal silver manufacturers.

To give an analogy, we could not live without water, but drinking sea water would make us sick. Now I am not suggesting that we cannot live without colloidal silver. What I am suggesting is that there is a lot variation in the quality of the colloidal silver, so care should be taken when purchasing.

If you don’t want to end up looking like something out of the X-men, then don’t use the home made generators (but even with them argyria is rare). The brand that I recommend is manufactured by American Biotech Labs.

Why do I recommend this brand?


  1. American Biotech Labs have new patents for their manufacturing technology as well as their colloidal silver solution .
    Note: Getting a new patent requires exacting evidence to satisfy the US Patent Office, so these claims have been independently validated at the highest level.
  2. American Biotech Labs are world leaders at actually providing scientific test results to back their claims, having conducted over 50 studies, utilising 38 independent laboratories (governmental, private and universities), putting pressure on other manufacturers to provide evidence too. Test methods and results are listed on the full on-line copy of the patent for all to see.
  3. American Biotech Labs also have approval from the US Environmental Protection Agency.

Don’t get me wrong, there are other very good colloidal silver products out there, it is just that no other manufacturer has this level of supporting scientific evidence or high level third party validation. In fact American Biotech Labs have been awarded the first patent associated with colloidal silver manufacture since 1924. That means that they really are the only company to actually have the US Patent Office validating their claims for their product.

Many people who use colloidal silver believe that the greater the number of silver ppm, the better the product. Some products with proudly claim 100’s or even 1000’s of silver ppm. These people will therefore be shocked when they check out the American Biotech Labs patent and find that it is effective at between only 2.5 and 10 silver ppm.

That is not a typo, it really is just 2.5 to 10ppm. And that is based on evidence from 38 independent laboratories and validated by the US Patent Office.

Facts And Myths About Colloidal Silver

Colloidal silver solution has become quite controversial over the last few years with many claiming it to be some kind of immune support superhero, whilst other claim that it simply turns you blue (a condition called argyria). Furthermore, those in the “superhero” camp sometimes argue over which is best, ionic silver or colloidal silver and many claims are made by various manufacturers which in all fairness cannot always be substantiated with any evidence at all.

I referred to Keith Moeller, Vice President of American Biotech Labs, in my earlier posting on colloidal silver and malaria. Keith is a World leading expert on colloidal silver and is certainly vocal on the subject.

In a public presentation Keith Moeller boldly tells his audience, “We are now on a topic that I absolutely love. I eat, breath and sleep this stuff every day. There is nobody on the planet that knows more about this subject than I do”. As his company has recently applied for the first patent in colloidal silver technology since 1924, has received Environment Protection Agency approval, had it product tested by the best scientific research establishments in the world and has been invited to present to the US Congress; his bold claim is probably very justified.

Keith says that there are thousands of colloidal silver solution manufactures and is scathing of those who promote their products using misleading information. He reports that many manufacturers will, “say silver can do this, silver can do that. They will never say MY silver product can do this. The reason why is because they have no data on it. They don’t know that their product will do something”.

For those who argue about ionic silver solution versus colloid silver solution, Keith says, “they’ll say everything has to do with particle size. It’s not true. Second thing they say is they have a big war of ionic verse colloidal . . . . what we’re going to do today is we’re going to raise you above that entire level. The new silver solution is exactly that. It is a NEW silver solution. It is an engineered silver nano particle that can do things that no other silver solution that you have seen or heard of can do”.

Referring to safety studies by NAMSA (Toxicity Tests), Brigham Young University (Probiotic Bacteria Study) and Viridis BioPharma (Probiotic Bacteria Study) Keith emphasis that, “We have done a great deal of work . . . . . the first one we tested at 200 times the normal adult dosage. That is equivalent to me sitting down and taking 32 ounces at one sitting. At that level it was deemed completely non toxic to the test animals”. He continues that the other studies have proven that this new advanced silver solution is harmless to probiotic bacteria (the “friendly” bacteria that we need to assist with digestion) and there is no risk of argyria.

Having made it clear that there have been 8 major safety studies on the product which has culminated in EPA approvals, Keith then addressed the issue of why take it.

“Nobody” he says “has ever proved that using a silver product internally can do anything at all, you’ll see that argument everywhere”. He then quotes from a 124 person study taken from 4 African hospitals where his company’s new advanced colloidal silver solution was used against a whole range of complaints. Details of the study and complaints sucessfully dealt with are available on the patent.

“We use the top lab in every area”, says Keith as quotes trial after trial from many universities and government test houses.

“Nobody can argue with our numbers because 1) they’re all independent and 2) we go to the top sources”. This is why Keith is insistent throughout his powerful presentation (which really should be seen) that especially with the growing resistance to antibiotics, every household should have a bottle of the new advanced silver solution as a first line of defence.

………….. Or does it simply turn you blue (argyria)

Colloidal Silver: To           Argyria: caused by overly
millions it’s an immune         large particles and improper
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