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Pathogenic Bacteria Evolve Faster Than Antibiotics Can Keep Up With: Should We Care?

It has recently been reported in the UK paper, The Guardian, that in the near future we will have to live in a world without antibiotics, due to the rapidity with which bacteria develop resistance to them.

The Guardian article reports on a findings by Professor Tim Walsh and his colleagues, last September.  Walsh reportedly discovered a gene, named “NDM 1”, which readily passes between a category of bacteria known as enterobacteriaceae.  This category includes E. Coli, Klebsiella Pneumoniae and other such bacterial charmers!  They will join MRSA as super resistant bugs.

The NDM 1 gene makes these bacteria resistant to most of today’s most powerful antibiotics.  On August 11th, 2010, the respected journal, Lancet Infectious Diseases asked, “is this the end of antibiotics”.  Lancet reported that not only is NDM 1 widespread in India, but it has arrived in the UK due to global travel and “medical tourism” (transplant, pregnancy care & cosmetic surgery.

Dr Livermore who is director of the antibiotic resistance monitoring and reference laboratory of the Health Protection Agency said, “a lot of modern medicine would become impossible if we lost our ability to treat infections“.  He was referring to transplant surgery where the patient is required to have their immune system suppressed so as not to reject the new organ.  No effective antibiotics would leave them vulnerable to opportunistic infections.

The rest of the article is quite pessimistic, painting a Darwinian battle of evolution between bacteria and humans, that we can’t possibly win (as we cannot evolve as fast).

The Guardian asks the question:

After antibiotics: what happens when the drugs don’t work?

The sad and bleak answers given by the Guardian are:

• Transplant surgery becomes virtually impossible. Organ recipients have to take immune-suppressing drugs for life to stop rejection of a new heart or kidney. Their immune systems cannot fight off life-threatening infections without antibiotics.

• Removing a burst appendix becomes a dangerous operation once again. Patients are routinely given antibiotics after surgery to prevent the wound becoming infected by bacteria. If bacteria get into the bloodstream, they can cause life-threatening septicaemia.

• Pneumonia becomes once more “the old man’s friend”. Antibiotics have stopped it being the mass-killer it once was, particularly among the old and frail, who would lapse into unconsciousness and often slip away in their sleep. Other diseases of old age, such as cancer, have taken over.

• Gonorrhea becomes hard to treat. Resistant strains are already on the rise. Without treatment, the sexually transmitted disease causes pelvic inflammatory disease, infertility and ectopic pregnancies.

• Tuberculosis becomes incurable – first we had TB, then multi-drug-resistant TB (MDR-TB) and now there is XDR-TB (extremely drug resistant TB). TB requires very long courses (six months or more) of antibiotics. The very human tendency to stop taking or forget to take the drugs has contributed to the spread of resistance.

Of course, nobody asks the question: what could we use in the place of antibiotics?  The article and the sources it quotes don’t even give a second thought that there might conceivably be another way.

It is little wonder really when the FDA is so enthusiastically trying to stamp out anything non pharmaceutical such as MMS and colloidal silver which could help.  Doctors who promote such alternatives (regardless of scientific evidence) risk losing their licence for suggesting it.  Companies promoting them risk being shut down if they make too many claims.

When penicillin was discovered, the medical establishment and pharmaceutical companies took a huge step forward.  These days, penicillin is of very limited use.  All modern “wonder drugs” will eventually end up as I “wonder” what happened to them.  This is the law of evolution which we cannot keep up.  I am prevented by the FDA from telling you all that the advanced colloidal silver can do.  Suffice to say that if the alarmist warnings above are correct, then the medical establishment would be extremely negligent for not considering it (and other similar options like MMS).  As for bacteria mutating and evolving; for all Trekkies out there I would like to quote from Star Trek; “resistance is futile“.


Freedom Of Health Choices Under Attack Again

Once again the freedom of choice is under attack to ensure that the fat cats get even fatter.  Proposed new regulations are calling for the use of nano silver products (including colloidal silver) to be controlled by the US Environmental Protection Agency as . . . . wait for it . . . . pesticides.

Yes, I did say “pesticides”.  I find it incredulous.  Study after study has shown that colloidal silver is safe and effective, so it can’t be blocked on safety grounds.  They are therefore attacking on environmental grounds. 

Whilst the US (at least under the Bush administration) stalled international treaties on reducing pollution emissions to try to save the ice caps from melting; hey lets ban proven safe colloidal nano silver as it might damage the environment!  Does there not seem to be a massive contradiction here.  Well not when you consider that the winners in each case are big industry, be it oil or pharmaceutical.  That is the commonality in each case.

The colloidal silver that I promote on my main website (produced by American Biotech Labs, marketed by Nutronix International) is named as one of the 4 main brands targeted.  Why?  Because it is one of the best sellers, making one of the biggest dents in the pharmaceutical companies profits.

Fortunately, we do have already have toxicity clearances with the EPA.  Whether or not those clearances will be enough to allow us to pass these new regulations or not, I don’t know yet.

However, these regulations are still just proposals and there is a co-ordinated campaign to fight back.  I would ask anybody opposing this thin sham for protecting excessive profits to visit the following blog and follow the instructions of how to fight back: http://colloidalsilversecrets.blogspot.com/2009/01/updated-contact-information-for.html

Facts And Myths About Colloidal Silver

Colloidal silver solution has become quite controversial over the last few years with many claiming it to be some kind of immune support superhero, whilst other claim that it simply turns you blue (a condition called argyria). Furthermore, those in the “superhero” camp sometimes argue over which is best, ionic silver or colloidal silver and many claims are made by various manufacturers which in all fairness cannot always be substantiated with any evidence at all.

I referred to Keith Moeller, Vice President of American Biotech Labs, in my earlier posting on colloidal silver and malaria. Keith is a World leading expert on colloidal silver and is certainly vocal on the subject.

In a public presentation Keith Moeller boldly tells his audience, “We are now on a topic that I absolutely love. I eat, breath and sleep this stuff every day. There is nobody on the planet that knows more about this subject than I do”. As his company has recently applied for the first patent in colloidal silver technology since 1924, has received Environment Protection Agency approval, had it product tested by the best scientific research establishments in the world and has been invited to present to the US Congress; his bold claim is probably very justified.

Keith says that there are thousands of colloidal silver solution manufactures and is scathing of those who promote their products using misleading information. He reports that many manufacturers will, “say silver can do this, silver can do that. They will never say MY silver product can do this. The reason why is because they have no data on it. They don’t know that their product will do something”.

For those who argue about ionic silver solution versus colloid silver solution, Keith says, “they’ll say everything has to do with particle size. It’s not true. Second thing they say is they have a big war of ionic verse colloidal . . . . what we’re going to do today is we’re going to raise you above that entire level. The new silver solution is exactly that. It is a NEW silver solution. It is an engineered silver nano particle that can do things that no other silver solution that you have seen or heard of can do”.

Referring to safety studies by NAMSA (Toxicity Tests), Brigham Young University (Probiotic Bacteria Study) and Viridis BioPharma (Probiotic Bacteria Study) Keith emphasis that, “We have done a great deal of work . . . . . the first one we tested at 200 times the normal adult dosage. That is equivalent to me sitting down and taking 32 ounces at one sitting. At that level it was deemed completely non toxic to the test animals”. He continues that the other studies have proven that this new advanced silver solution is harmless to probiotic bacteria (the “friendly” bacteria that we need to assist with digestion) and there is no risk of argyria.

Having made it clear that there have been 8 major safety studies on the product which has culminated in EPA approvals, Keith then addressed the issue of why take it.

“Nobody” he says “has ever proved that using a silver product internally can do anything at all, you’ll see that argument everywhere”. He then quotes from a 124 person study taken from 4 African hospitals where his company’s new advanced colloidal silver solution was used against a whole range of complaints. Details of the study and complaints sucessfully dealt with are available on the patent.

“We use the top lab in every area”, says Keith as quotes trial after trial from many universities and government test houses.

“Nobody can argue with our numbers because 1) they’re all independent and 2) we go to the top sources”. This is why Keith is insistent throughout his powerful presentation (which really should be seen) that especially with the growing resistance to antibiotics, every household should have a bottle of the new advanced silver solution as a first line of defence.

………….. Or does it simply turn you blue (argyria)

Colloidal Silver: To           Argyria: caused by overly
millions it’s an immune         large particles and improper
support superhero                     manufacture process.



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