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Poison In Your Mouth

Below is a fascinating video from The International Academy Of Oral Medicine & Toxicology on the subject of mercury fillings.  I have been aware for many years that mercury fillings leach mercury into our bodies over time.  I did not really understand though, how much or how easily this could be done.

Any form of “exciting” the filling will speed up the leaching process.  This includes smoking, hot drinks, grinding teeth and worst of all; drilling.  This is clearly demonstrated in the video below in a way I have never seen before.  If I wasn’t already convinced about the dangers of mercury (amalgam) fillings, I would be now.

Experiments with sheep and monkeys have proven that mercury can migrate to all parts of the body and also be passed from mother to unborn fetus (then again from mother to baby from breast-feeding).

Dr Hulda Clark insisted years ago in her anti cancer protocol that all mercury fillings must be removed for the patient to recover.  In fact she was in favour of removing the whole tooth.  The part that is disconcerting though is that this evidence HAS BEEN AVAILABLE TO MAINSTREAM DENTISTRY FOR YEARS, yet the majority just ignored it.

This is quite a scary video.  I’m glad that I’ve had all my mercury filling replaced, even if it was a bit expensive at the time.  Get the poison out!


Dr Clark Newsletter: High Doses Of Vitamin C Kills Cancer Cells & Saliva Test

It has been known for some years now that high doses of Vitamin C can kill cancer cells.  This has been included in the Clark Anti Cancer Protocol for years as well as in other alternative therapies.  This is supported by new studies reported in the Clark e-newsletter:


Nobel prize winner in chemistry Linus Pauling had already been using the vitamin therapy. About the possible benefits of vitamin C in cancer treatment has been discussed for decades over and over again. For more than 30 years, studies have indicated that high doses of vitamin C prolonged the survival rate of cancer patients.

Vitamin C belongs to the so-called antioxidants, and free radical catchers. These substances bind aggressive oxygen molecules in the body that can contribute to the development of cancer. This fact has led to the assumption that an adequate supply of ascorbic acid – this is its chemical formula – can protect against cancer development. As the study demonstrates, vitamin C could also be helpful in the treatment of cancer.

In the study of Prof. Chen Qi, cancer cells were exposed to high doses of ascorbic acid, the formed hydrogen peroxide killed cancer cells while healthy cells were not damaged.
Mice with tumors in the pancreas, brain and ovaries were injected with a high dose of 4grams per kilo of body weight and the tumor growth slowed down by 41-53%. It is important to have it injected into the vein and not administered orally.

Chen et al: Article from: “Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences” www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2516281/?tool=pubmed

Also reported in the newsletter is that you can get saliva tests, to test for presence of pathogens, parasites, fungus and toxins.  The tester is Heike Siemes, based in Germany.  My partner Michele used Heike when she was fighting cancer.  It is not cheap, but Heike is thorough.  Here is the extract from the newsletter:

2. Saliva Tests

More and more professionals are recognizing the connection between parasites in the human body and disease and applying the Clark protocol.

One of these is German therapist Heike Siemes , medical nurse and naturopath. She came in contact with Dr. Clark for the first time in 2004 and updated herself with practical training every year with Dr. Clark including Dr. Clark’s seminar in Montreux Switzerland.

Naturopath Heike Siemes always includes the Clark protocol for the diagnosis and treatment of disease. The reason for this is that the Clark protocol works on the cause of disease and not on the symptom. Ms. Siemes also uses bio-resonance , ozone-oxygen , IV, and other therapies. .

Ms Siemes’ main diagnostic device is Dr. Clark’s syncrometer. With it she tests saliva samples from all over the world. The advantages of using saliva for testing our health are significant!. Obtaining saliva is easy, non-invasive, non embarrassing, and certainly does not hurt. Saliva with its mix of proteins, hormones and antibodies – is a road map of a person’s health and could become the diagnostic tool of the future. Read more about this here: www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/11340128.

How does saliva testing work with Dr. Clark’s syncrometer? Through the Syncrometer, a sample of your saliva is matched with the frequencies of specific pathogens. The Syncrometer detects not only the presence of parasites, bacteria, viruses, fungus, toxins, etc but it can also detect which organ or organs have been invaded.

The benefits of having a saliva test is there is no need to be physically present. In addition, the saliva sample can be kept indefinitely for re-testing and comparison.

Not only can your saliva be tested with the Syncrometer but your drinking water, body-care products, house dust, and the saliva of your pet can be tested .

An extensive range of saliva tests for any health condition is offered. Heike Siemes will be offering a special price for the therapy program of the saliva test. Read more about this below.

3. Discount on the Therapy program of Saliva Tests

A detailed therapy program is written for you specifically, based on the results of your saliva testing. The therapy program guides you and shows you which programs you should undertake.

For the next two months of October and November, a special discount will be granted for the therapy program to those doing the saliva test. The special discount will be USD 150.– instead of USD 240.–. You save USD 90.–

Contact Syncrometer tester Heike Siemes at sanavital@bluewin.ch Or you can register for saliva testing directly through the registration form here: www.sanavital.ch/pdf/RegistrationForm.pdf

For an overview of the various saliva tests offered, go here: www.sanavital.ch/pdf/SalivaTestoverview.pdf

I have mentioned before in this blog, that whilst I believe the Clark Protocol to be thorough, scientific and effective (when followed to the letter); it also very difficult.  It is extremely complicated, detailed, requires a lot of work and is very expensive.  Just my humble opinion, but anybody considering following this path would need a small team of full time carers.  I tried to do it for my Michele as her full time carer and I was run ragged and exhausted.

We also came close to being financially wiped out by it.  Whilst nobody wants to put a price on the life and wellbeing of a loved one, the bottom line is that cancer is a long battle and you need the resources to fight that battle to the end.  It is no good getting half way there, making progress, then losing your house and having to deal with fighting cancer when you are homeless (especially as Clark requires a lot of home modifications to reduce toxic environment).  This put a great deal of stress and strain on us both and the last thing a cancer patient needs is stress.  Dealing with stress really is the main component that is missing from the Clark Protocol.  In fact, the Clark Protocol can create a lot of stress.

If you do not have good support around you, or if you do not have much money, then I would suggest the Budwig Oil Protein diet is a better option.  It is much cheaper, requires a fraction of the work and is much easier to live with.  It is also based on good science too.

But whatever path you follow, be it Clark, Budwig, or conventional; your state of mind will affect your potential to heal.  Before doing anything else, try to deal with any residual emotional problems you have, or your state of mind could undo the good of any therapy that you follow.

Billion-Dollar Drug Company Hides Astounding Discovery Of A Natural Cancer Killer 10,000 Times Stronger Than Chemo — But Without Side Effects?

I received the following today.  It’s from the same people who brought us the One Minute Cure.  They claim that a drug company found something that would cure cancer but suppressed it, as being a natural substance they could not patent it, hence could not make money from it.  I have no knowledge of the subject so I can’t give an opinion either way as to the validity of what they say.  However, I have heard many times of drug companies hiding discoveries that they can’t make money on, so I find it quite feasible.

However, I have reproduced it below and I’ll let you make your own mind up:

What if you found out that a company discovered a cure for cancer — and kept that information hidden from the public for 7 years?

I would consider that an outrage!  After all, according to the United Nations [1], cancer has become the leading cause of death in 2010.  And millions of people all over the world have died from cancer … when their lives could’ve been saved.

How many people do you know who’ve died from cancer in the past 7 years?

I’m sure you’re asking yourself, “Why would a company suppress this cancer cure information … and deliberately cause the deaths of millions of people?”  Here’s why:

The substance they found is completely natural … so they couldn’t take out a patent on it … and subsequently, they knew they couldn’t make any money from it!

The good news is that one brave researcher has come forward to break the silence — and tell the world about this true cancer cure.

Click on the link below to read the full story of this astounding breakthrough — and the dozens of other underground cures not yet available to mainstream medicine:


Wishing you the best of health,

Danica Collins

P.S.  According to the United Nations Cancer Research Agency [2]cancer will kill more than 13.2 MILLION PEOPLE A YEAR by 2030.  That’s almost double the number who died from the disease in 2008.

Don’t let yourself or your loved ones become another cancer statistic.  Read the full story by going to:


[1] Cancer is the leading cause of death worldwide in 2010, says UN – http://tocancer.com/?p=1139
[2] Cancer will kill 13.2 million a year by 2030: U.N. – http://www.reuters.com/article/idUSTRE6504H820100601

Plastic Bottles: Do They Leach Carcinogens?

I have recently been asked about the safety of the plastic bottles that are used to ship our advanced colloidal silver solution in, as some plastics are known to leach toxic chemicals.  Some toxins such as Bisphenol A are associated with cancer and would obviously undermine the colloidal silver benefits.  The question posed was:

“I am writing to find out if you have ever tested your plastic containers for xenoestrogens, BPA, and other leach contaminants.
I am familiar with glass and realize that it is not the best choice for colloidal silver products because of the precipitation of the silver from the solution that inevitably takes place.
Still, plastic containers, even BPA-free polycarbonates, are rarely tested by supplement companies after their product has been placed in them for a period of time, say, one year or two”.

I had to give the honest answer, “I don’t have a clue”.

However, I put the question to Nutronix International, who in turn passed it to Alpha Packaging (who provide the plastic bottles).  Alpha Packaging have provided the following answer:

Over the past few weeks, Alpha Packaging has received an increasing number of calls regarding the safety of the plastic bottles and jars we manufacture. The calls have been precipitated by media reports covering the potential danger of bisphenol A, a phthalate that some groups allege causes cancer and other adverse effects in humans. Bisphenol A (BPA) is a building block for polycarbonate (PC), a rigid clear plastic commonly used for baby bottles, reusable water bottles and other applications. It is NOT found in polyethylene terepthalate (PET), commonly used for single-use water and soda bottles among other bottles, nor is it found in high-density polyethylene (HDPE).

Alpha Packaging primarily makes bottles and jars from PET and HDPE, and  we make no bottles from polycarbonate, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or polystyrene (PS), which have all been identified as having the potential for leaching bisphenol A into the products they hold. It is also important to note that Alpha Packaging does not add bisphenol A or any other phthalates into any of the bottles and jars we manufacture. (Phthalates are often added as plastic softeners in baby toys and other items, and past media coverage of these softeners has caused product recalls in the past two years.)

We know many of our customers are very knowledgeable about the chemical composition of plastic packaging, but sometimes your customers are not. Compounding the problem, incomplete coverage by the media has caused a great deal of confusion among consumers. For example, recent reports have identified “water bottles” as a primary source of BPA, and video footage accompanying the reports has shown single-use PET bottles instead of multi-use water bottles that retailers such as Wal-Mart in Canada have pulled from the shelves.

A second example of incomplete reporting: U.S. News and World Reports identified recycle codes 3, 6 and 7 as those indicating plastics that contain BPA. While PVC (recycle code #3), PS (recycle code #6) and PC (recycle code #7) do contain BPA, the media consistently fails to mention that recycle code #7 does not mean a bottle is made from polycarbonate – instead, recycle code #7 simply means “other plastics” that do not fall into categories 1 through 6. “Other” plastics include polylactide (PLA), a corn-based clear resin also used for single-use beverage bottles that also does not contain bisphenol A.

Fears about the safety of plastics are raised frequently, but PET and HDPE have consistently been proven safe to use in rigid packaging applications. In fact, we have had some of our PET bottles tested for the presence of BPA and other phthalates, and the bottles were shown not to contain any of the chemicals in question. Alpha Packaging is committed to helping you ensure the safety of the bottles and jars you buy from us. If you need additional information about the safety of PET and HDPE resins, please let us know how we can assist you.

If you had any concerns before, I hope this will put your mind at rest.

Dr Clark’s Newsletter And Colloidal Silver

In the March issue of the Dr Clark Zentrum Newsletter, there is a whole page enclosed on Colloidal Silver.  It states that:

“In vitro, colloidal silver has been shown to kill certain bacteria, fungus and viruses, and even tumor cells”.

As I sell colloidal silver, it would be great for me to be able claim that it kills tumor cells, but I must in all honesty say that I’ve never heard this claim before, or seen anything to back it up.  The brand of colloidal silver that I promote has been far more extensively tested than any other brand available, yet I’ve never heard any mention of this before.

I will say that when my partner had cancer and the tumors had burst through the skin, colloidal silver was effective at keeping it clean.  The tumors emitted a thick liquid with a foul smell (which we assumed was bacteria).  When silver was regularly applied, the liquid thinned out and did not smell nearly as strong.  Although from my own personal experience (rather than scientific studies) I would advocate the colloidal silver for keeping a tumor clean, I have not seen any evidence that it kills cancer cells.

That said, the Clark foundation does specialise in cancer research, so it is possible that they have been involved in research that I am not aware of.

Whilst on that subject, some of my long-term readers will remember that I reported on some of the cancer therapies we tried at that time.  Sadly Michele did not make it and passed away in 2008.  Some people may have been surprised that I did not say too much about it at the time or express very much emotion on my blog.  I would just like to explain, that my feelings were/are private and I did not wish to share them on the internet.  That is not criticise people who do share their feelings of loss on their own blogs when they lose somebody; it is just not my way and I hope that you will understand and respect that this is just my way of dealing with things.

New Research Confirms Dr. Clark’s Findings.

As part of her protocol, the late Dr Hulda Clark used small currents on human cells to support organ function and to disrupt pathogens, parasites and cancer cells.  This was never supported by mainstream medicine.

However, the March Newsletter from the Dr Clark Zentrum, claims that more modern research supports what Dr Clark was advocating decades ago.  The newsletter refers to a study which reports that “small electrical currents can inhibit cancer cells“.  This report states:

“The alternating electric fields of very low frequencies (less than 1 kHz) have shown to stimulate excitable tissues such as nerve, muscle and heart. Low frequency electric fields also claim to stimulate bone growth and accelerate fracture healing. At very high frequencies tissue heating becomes dominant, thus serving the basis for some commonly used medical treatments such as diathermy and radio frequency tumour ablation”.

The Newsletter continues that since the early nineties, Dr Clark pointed out that parasites can release growth factors that turn cells cancerous.  Completely dismissed by mainstream which does not even consider parasites, a new study now confirms that the human liver fluke does actually do just that.

In the new study Dr Loukas states,

“It has been known that certain proteins secreted by O. viverrini cause cell growth, however the identity of the protein was unknown. We also knew that the parasite secreted granulin but we did not know that it could affect the human cells around it.  This discovery leads the way to a better understanding of how this parasite causes such a devastating form of cancer”.

Although it is claimed to be the “first research”, Dr Clark was advocating this many years ago.

The Human Liver Fluke

Dr Budwig & Understanding About Unsaturated Fats (Part 2)

As per the first part of my posting, the body isolates damaged fats that it is unable to process in various parts of the body.  Isolated fats are present in cancerous cells, muscles with rheumatic disease and around heart muscle where heart infarction occurs.  Dr Budwig recommends pure organic unsaturated fats (especially flax seed oil).

But just how do unsaturated fats help the human body?

Dr Budwig explains that in growing healthy cells, there is a small electrical charge.  The nucleus is positive and the cell membrane is negative.  Like a mini battery.  If these tiny “batteries” go flat, we start to develop problems.  Whatever other healthy foods we may consume, damaged cells are unable to absorb them properly.

The cell membrane  consists partly of unsaturated fats and when cells divide, the surface are (membrane) has to increase in size.  Undamaged unsaturated fats are required to assist this process.  Also, as mentioned in my previous posting, when strands undamaged unsaturated fats link, they release electrons.  These electrons help replenish the negative charge of cell membrane, thus “re-charging” the cell.