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Poison In Your Mouth

Below is a fascinating video from The International Academy Of Oral Medicine & Toxicology on the subject of mercury fillings.  I have been aware for many years that mercury fillings leach mercury into our bodies over time.  I did not really understand though, how much or how easily this could be done.

Any form of “exciting” the filling will speed up the leaching process.  This includes smoking, hot drinks, grinding teeth and worst of all; drilling.  This is clearly demonstrated in the video below in a way I have never seen before.  If I wasn’t already convinced about the dangers of mercury (amalgam) fillings, I would be now.

Experiments with sheep and monkeys have proven that mercury can migrate to all parts of the body and also be passed from mother to unborn fetus (then again from mother to baby from breast-feeding).

Dr Hulda Clark insisted years ago in her anti cancer protocol that all mercury fillings must be removed for the patient to recover.  In fact she was in favour of removing the whole tooth.  The part that is disconcerting though is that this evidence HAS BEEN AVAILABLE TO MAINSTREAM DENTISTRY FOR YEARS, yet the majority just ignored it.

This is quite a scary video.  I’m glad that I’ve had all my mercury filling replaced, even if it was a bit expensive at the time.  Get the poison out!


Dr Clark’s Newsletter And Colloidal Silver

In the March issue of the Dr Clark Zentrum Newsletter, there is a whole page enclosed on Colloidal Silver.  It states that:

“In vitro, colloidal silver has been shown to kill certain bacteria, fungus and viruses, and even tumor cells”.

As I sell colloidal silver, it would be great for me to be able claim that it kills tumor cells, but I must in all honesty say that I’ve never heard this claim before, or seen anything to back it up.  The brand of colloidal silver that I promote has been far more extensively tested than any other brand available, yet I’ve never heard any mention of this before.

I will say that when my partner had cancer and the tumors had burst through the skin, colloidal silver was effective at keeping it clean.  The tumors emitted a thick liquid with a foul smell (which we assumed was bacteria).  When silver was regularly applied, the liquid thinned out and did not smell nearly as strong.  Although from my own personal experience (rather than scientific studies) I would advocate the colloidal silver for keeping a tumor clean, I have not seen any evidence that it kills cancer cells.

That said, the Clark foundation does specialise in cancer research, so it is possible that they have been involved in research that I am not aware of.

Whilst on that subject, some of my long-term readers will remember that I reported on some of the cancer therapies we tried at that time.  Sadly Michele did not make it and passed away in 2008.  Some people may have been surprised that I did not say too much about it at the time or express very much emotion on my blog.  I would just like to explain, that my feelings were/are private and I did not wish to share them on the internet.  That is not criticise people who do share their feelings of loss on their own blogs when they lose somebody; it is just not my way and I hope that you will understand and respect that this is just my way of dealing with things.

New Research Confirms Dr. Clark’s Findings.

As part of her protocol, the late Dr Hulda Clark used small currents on human cells to support organ function and to disrupt pathogens, parasites and cancer cells.  This was never supported by mainstream medicine.

However, the March Newsletter from the Dr Clark Zentrum, claims that more modern research supports what Dr Clark was advocating decades ago.  The newsletter refers to a study which reports that “small electrical currents can inhibit cancer cells“.  This report states:

“The alternating electric fields of very low frequencies (less than 1 kHz) have shown to stimulate excitable tissues such as nerve, muscle and heart. Low frequency electric fields also claim to stimulate bone growth and accelerate fracture healing. At very high frequencies tissue heating becomes dominant, thus serving the basis for some commonly used medical treatments such as diathermy and radio frequency tumour ablation”.

The Newsletter continues that since the early nineties, Dr Clark pointed out that parasites can release growth factors that turn cells cancerous.  Completely dismissed by mainstream which does not even consider parasites, a new study now confirms that the human liver fluke does actually do just that.

In the new study Dr Loukas states,

“It has been known that certain proteins secreted by O. viverrini cause cell growth, however the identity of the protein was unknown. We also knew that the parasite secreted granulin but we did not know that it could affect the human cells around it.  This discovery leads the way to a better understanding of how this parasite causes such a devastating form of cancer”.

Although it is claimed to be the “first research”, Dr Clark was advocating this many years ago.

The Human Liver Fluke

Washing Your Hands Can Avoid A Worm In The Brain!

A key part of the Dr Clark protocol is to rid the body of parasites.  Parasites are not taken as seriously in the West as they are in the tropical regions.  However, we in the developed West are still more prone to parasites then we realise.  Basic hygiene like washing hands with soap is important, not only for the obvious like after going to the bathroom or attending to somebody who is sick.  Even when handling uncooked meat (especially pork) we should thoroughly wash our hands as meat can contain parasites which we can get on our hands and spread.

The video below shows a women who was thought to have developed a brain tumour, but it turned out to be a worm in the brain.  Although having a worm made it much easier to treat, it is nonetheless just as dangerous.  The worm could have eaten through any part of her brain and had already made her very ill.  As gross as this is, it is worth seeing and worth showing to your kids to make sure that they understand why hygiene is important. 

Subscribe To The Dr Clark Newsletter

One of the most popular keywords that brings people to this blog is, “Dr Clark”, as her amazing work on fighting cancer is becoming increasingly popular, especially as more and more people turn away from orthodox cancer medicine due to its toxic side effects.  It occurred to me that I still get a newsletter from the main Dr Clark website, which will be of interest to people looking for more information on the Dr Clark’s protocol.

So if you want to stay abreast of the latest developments from the Dr Clark researchers, then go to http://www.drclark.net.  In the top right hand corner you will see a box which states, “Get Dr. Clark’s latest researches, news and updates FREE!“.  Next to this is a box where you enter your email address and submit. 

These updates are a must for anybody who is seriously interested in following the Dr Clark Protocol.

High Levels Of Vitamin D Can Help You Survive Prostrate Cancer

In a recent newsletter by Dr Mercola, he reports on a study which demonstrates that vitamin D from sunlight can reduce the risk of prostrate cancer.  160 prostrate cancer sufferers were categorised as having either low, medium or high levels of vitamin D.  Over the course of the study, sadly 52 men died from their prostrate cancers.  The highest death rate was amongst those with the lowest levels of vitamin D.  Those with high levels of Vitamin D were found to be 7 times less likely to die.

Dr Mercola points out that in the USA, prostrate cancer is the second most common form of cancer amongst men and it is estimated that an enormous 1 in 6 American men will suffer with it during their life time.

Getting more sunlight (even in the UK where I live) is really a matter of lifestyle.  Simple lifestyle changes can make a big difference to your chances of surviving prostrate cancer, or even preventing it from developing in the first place.

Although this study is good news, it is not really new.  Both Dr Hulda Clark and Dr Budwig who pioneered much of the alternative/complementary approach to fighting cancer recommended as much sunlight as possible decades ago.  It seems that the mainstream is only just now catching up.  The Clark protocol is very detailed an difficult to follow.  However, it is easy and quite cheap to include elements of the Budwig Oil-Protein Diet into your daily diet. 

If you fear that you may be at risk of any type of cancer (or if you already have it), then get as much sunlight as you can and get yourself the Oil-Protein Diet Book.  Both are simple lifestyle changes that can really make a big difference and possibly save your life.




Why Attitudes To Sunlight Exposure Are Likely To Be Radically Changed

A study has shown that Vitamin D significantly increases levels of intracellular glutathione.  The hormone glutathione in turn helps to remove mercury from the body. 

Furthermore, Vitamin D assists in inducing giloma cell death, which could makes it of possible use for the management of brain tumours.  To elaborate on this point, when healthy cells divide one cell will mature and die, whilst the “daughter” cell will continue to grow maintaining a balance.  Cancer cells do not mature like ordinary cells do, so whey they divide both resultant cells continue to grow and divide again (hence no cell death leading to tumour growth).  At first glance, assisting cell death may not sound good, but in the context of cancer cells it is a very good thing.

A key principle of the Dr Clark anti cancer protocol is the removal of all heavy metals (especially mercury) from the body and has used Vitamin D for many years.  Dr Budwig’s anti cancer diet, whilst emphasising on use of healthy oils to maintain cellular health is based on allowing the cancer cells to divide and fully mature so as to allow them to die naturally (whereas other cancer therapies are based on preventing cell division).

Vitamin D is not very readily available in out diet, with fish liver being the only significant source.  The main source of Vitamin D is UV sun-light direct on our skin.   It is ironic then that over the last couple of decades, too much sun-light has been associated with causing cancer and the suntan lotion industry has thrived.  Being 46 myself, we hardly bothered with it as children, whereas parents today are very cautious with their children when the sun comes out.  It has been suggested that the official guidlines on exposure to sun-light (and blocking it out with lotions) are almost certain to be revised as research into Vitamin D continues.  In the meantime,  I think the key word has to be the much used advice by wise people the World over and that is: “moderation”. 

Incidentally both Dr Clark and Dr Budwig recommended getting as much sun-light as reasonably possible (obviously without burning yourself).

Other research into Vitamin D has found that it can prevent or treat infections & inflammation, depression & neurological disorders, colds and flu, diabetes, osteoporosis, tuberculosis and much more.