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New Book/Audio CD: The Power

About 2 years ago I wrote about the Law Of Attraction and the book/film, The Secret.  They’ve recently released a new book/audio CD, called “The Power”.  Here’s a rather dramatic trailer for it:

The Secret & The Power are about focusing on what you want and sending out positive thoughts into the universe to attract what you want into your life.  As I said before, I’m not sure about that explanation of it.  However, The Secret/The Power teaches people to focus on what they want and there is an undeniable benefit of focusing on what you want.  The central theme of The Secret is focusing on what we want rather than what we don’t want (for example: I WANT to be slim, rather than I DON’T WANT to be fat).  The sub-conscious mind will find ways to work on what you focus on and bring it about.  It will do this whether you focus on being slim or being fat (even if that focus is “I don’t want *****, you are still focusing on it and the sub-conscious will tend to find ways to fulfill it).

This idea of focusing on what you do want (rather than what you don’t want) is central in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programing) which is much more science based, but uses the same working principles as The Secret. NLP talks about tapping into the sub-conscious mind to make it work for you whilst The Secret talks about tapping into universal energy.  Either way, the actual practice of focusing on what you want is very similar.

The Power goes a step further and teaches that you should “love” more.  What more positive way to focus on what you want; whether it is money, companionship, sporting success, school work, career; than to try to love it.

Although some people may have reservations about the actual explanation of how it works, NLP has shown that it does work.  I will say though, that when things are not going quite right, it is difficult to focus on what you want, rather than worry about bills, the boss being cross, the kids getting into trouble, etc, etc.  The Secret/The Power does package the whole thing in a way that is much more motivating than just trying to rationalise it on your own.  I would recommend it.


Mental Power-Dressing

How many of us would go to an interview for a professional job in t-shirt and jeans?  The phrases, “dress for success” and “power-dressing” are very well known.  However, all of us know intuitively that how we dress does not directly effect our capabilities or make us do a better job, but we still feel better when we dress the part. 

Our pagan ancestors and primitive tribes often adorned themselves with furs or sometimes even skulls of power animals, believing that they capture some of the spirit or essence of that animal.  It is basically the same thing, power-dressing.

There is an Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) technique that takes this a stage further.  NLP believes that the unconscious mind is very powerful and controls most of our behavioural patterns.  Yet conscious exercises can actually train our unconscious mind to help us achieve behavioural patterns that are more beneficial to our goals and our success in life.  Hence we can change unhelpful behavioural patterns for positive ones.

One of these exercises is to first set yourself a goal(s) and allocate a time period for achieving that goal(s).  Then picture yourself, standing in front of you, at the end of that time period having achieved your goals.  Form a picture in your mind of how happy you will be having achieved your goals. 

How will you be standing?  Does your posture indicate success, with you head head high and your back straight and proud with your chest out? 

What will you be wearing (especially for financial/business goals)?  Do you have a new tailored suit indicating more money/promotion, are you in wedding dress/suit if your goal was romantic, are you in beach wear if your goal was to be able to afford a holiday?  Make the picture as strong as you can, imagine the accessories you might have, maybe a new hair style to go with it.

bride-carrying-groomImagine what it would feel like to have all your friends, family, workmates, whoever looking at you with new found respect and admiration for achieving your goal.  If you plan to be somewhere like a new office (promotion), holiday location, church (wedding), or whatever is relevant to your goals, try to see your new surroundings.  Try to hear the sounds that you might hear and smell the scents that might be there. 

Make the whole picture in your mind as powerful, as bright and as colourful as you can.  Make it life size and moving.  Use your imagination to use as many of your senses as you can.  Now taking in this splendid picture of yourself with all your senses stimulated, step forward into where this image of yourself is standing and turn around as if you are putting on this picture of you.  Feel the feelings of success (whatever success means to you personally).

This is why I call it mental power dressing.  Whereas real clothes have no direct effect on your abilities but make you feel the part; this type of exercise allows you feel the success that you want to achieve.  Actually “feeling” that success makes it more obtainable to the unconscious mind.  It will help the unconscious mind to change your behavioural patterns to other patterns more in line with your goals.  With the changed patterns comes a greater chance of success.

Finally, remember that success is a personal thing.  You don’t have to set goals for great riches or promotion to be successful.  If your goal is to live in seclusion on a mountain side and feed the birds every day and you achieve it, then you are a success.  Don’t sell yourself short, but don’t let others dictate what you should think of as successful.

The Law Of Attraction

There has been much discussion about the “Law Of Attraction”, especially over the last couple of years since the release of the cult DVD “The Secret“.

So what is the Law Of Attraction and how does it work.  Well basically, it says that the more you focus on something, the more of it you get.  In The Secret it talks of how the rich elite have passed down “the secret” to each other for thousands of years, which only now is being passed on to the masses.  That secret is that the more you focus on something, you send out brainwaves and thought energy into the universe, which in turn will attract more of the same energy back into your life.

I will admit that I have some trouble with that explanation of the Law Of Attraction.  However, I did read that in one big city an experiment was conducted with a big group of experience meditators.  They meditated and focused on peace and (allegedly) the crime rate went down in that city.  I’m not convinced, but I’ll keep an open mind!

However, in Nuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), practitioners have been applying the practice of focusing on what you want for decades.  Lets say you want to “give up smoking”.  Your unconscious mind does not recognise negatives (“give up”, “stop”, “quit”) and will simply focus on “smoking”.  That is why it can be so hard to give something up (because you keep focusing on it).

If my daughter is sullen, I sometimes tell her, “whatever you do, don’t smile”.  The brain does not recognise the negative and she just can’t help but having to smile (which makes her even more cross with me).

If you were to go to an NLP practitioner, they try to help you to find the answer for yourself rather than to tell you (human nature is to take it more seriously if you feel it is your idea).  So the conversation would probably go something like this:

You:            I want to give up smoking.
NLP guy:     Good, what do you REALLY want.
You:            To give up smoking.
NLP guy:     But why do you want to give up smoking.
You:           Well, to be healthier.
NLP guy:    And how would you know that you were healthier.
You:           Well if I had more stamina and energy.
NLP guy:    So your real goal is to have more stamina and energy?
You:           Errrrr.  Yes.

That is very simplified, but you can see how a negative focus of quitting smoking and been turned around to be a positive focus of having more stamina and well-being.  If you focus on the stamina and well-being you will not be thinking so much about the smoking, so it will be easier to give it up. 

You can apply this to many things:

I want to lose weight . . . . . I want to look goood in my new clothes.
I want to get out of debt . . . . . I want to be rich/well off.
I don’t want to mess up the interview . . . . . I want to impress them.
I really don’t want look silly . . . . . I want to excel (or, I want to fit in).
I don’t want to fail that exam . . . . . I want to do well at that exam.

Many people experience ideas “just popping out of nowhere”.  Not true, they pop out of the unconscious mind.  So how do you get the unconscious mind to produce the results you want?  By focusing the conscious mind on WHAT YOU DO WANT (not what you don’t want).  When you focus the conscious mind on the WHAT, the unconscious mind will work on the HOW.

This is why visualisation is a very important tool.  Visualisation is simply one method of focusing the conscious mind.   If you have money problems it is difficult not to worry, but if you focus on debt, that is what you unconscious mind will work on.  If you focus on being rich (or at least better off), then your unconscious mind will pop up ideas (hopefully legal) of how you might be able to earn a bit more money (either by being better at your job, or some little enterprise on the side).

This is the true secret and the true Law Of Attraction and it is not new.  However, if you accept the teaching of the DVD The Secret (sending out thought energy) as a metaphor and focus the conscious mind, then I think it is probably the best presentation of how to apply this concept that I have seen.  I don’t agree with the explanation of how it works, but it is great for showing the principle of the Law of Attraction (focusing on what you want).

Famous motivational speakers and authors like Paul McKenna and Anthony Robins (both of whom I’d recommend) are high level NLP practitioners, so if you have followed any of their works then you may recognise some of what I have said above in their teachings.