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Colloidal Silver and Depression: Claims Made By The Ultimate Colloidal Silver Manual

I’ve taken the following article is from Colloidal Silver Secrets:

Colloidal silver and depression — an excerpt from The Ultimate Colloidal Silver Manual

“Another customer – a 21 year old woman – tells us that when she first tried colloidal silver at the behest of a good friend, she brewed up a 16 ounce glassful of about 10 ppm, and drank it straight down.

She said that after drinking it, something just lifted from her body. She felt like a hidden burden had been removed. She hadn’t even realized how depressed she had been. She told us that she had felt mentally dull and lethargic on a daily basis for as long as she could remember, and just figured that was how she was supposed to feel.

When we spoke to her several days after trying the colloidal silver, she asked “What’s in that stuff, anyway? I haven’t felt so well in years.”

After having a number of these types of experiences related to us by customers, we speculated that perhaps these people had been victimized by long-term underlying infections which had been causing the depression as a side effect. And that perhaps when the colloidal silver killed off the infection, the body was able to reverse the depressed state.

But that didn’t explain how some of these people had been completely relieved of their depressions so quickly – several said they could feel the depression leaving their bodies within 15 to 20 minutes after drinking the colloidal silver. So, to try to find out more, we contacted independent colloidal silver researcher Darrel Tichy and asked him what he thought might be going on.

He explained that there was indeed some recent medical research that might explain these experiences. He says this research demonstrated that a small amount of mineral silver is needed by the human body to effectively process certain B-vitamins, particularly B-12, which is the body’s energy and stamina vitamin. B-12 deficiencies have long-been known to result in lethargic and depressed physical and mental states in people. And now, B-12 deficiencies (at least some) have been linked to low levels of silver in the body, according to Tichy.

So, if the body is deficient in mineral silver, it may not be effectively processing and utilizing vitamin B-12. Tichy speculated that the people we had spoken with may have been B-12 deficient due to a lack of mineral silver in their bodies, which prevented their bodies from effectively processing the B-12 in the foods they ate. Ingesting the silver particles in the colloidal silver gave their bodies the mineral silver needed to effectively begin processing and utilizing B-12, and that is what caused the sudden and dramatic reversals of depression.

In other words, adding the silver to their systems triggered a B-12 uptake which was akin to getting an injection of B-12 at the doctors office!

Well, we don’t know for sure why colloidal silver seems to work so well for these individuals who suffered from depression. But we do know, by their own accounts, that it is working for them. In almost every case relayed to us, the individual initially drank a full 16 ounce glass of homemade 10 ppm colloidal silver, and if it worked they only repeated that dosage whenever symptoms of their depression seemed to be returning.

Indeed, most told us that they are now able to stifle recurring depressive episodes simply by taking a few ounces of colloidal silver the moment they feel even the slightest twinge of depression returning!”

I have to be honest in that the silver referred above is made by a home generator, which I am not in favour of as the production process can not be so well guaranteed as colloidal silver from a reputable manufacturer.  That said, the science referred to involves mineral silvers interaction with B-12 so it should work regardless.

I have not had the personal experience of myself, family or customers noticing differences in depression levels, but that might just be that we were getting enough B-12.

In the above article, Colloidal Silver Secrets is quoting from “The Ultimate Colloidal Silver Manual”.  However, they do pass their own comment which I think is very valid, so I will include that here too:

It is also important to note that depression is a multi-faceted condition and can have different causes in different people. A number of natural treatments are available and your health care practitioner should always be consulted if depression is severe of prolonged. We highly recommend the book, The Omega-3 Connection by Dr. Andrew Stoll, M.D., which discusses the use of Omega 3 fatty acids for alleviating depression naturally.

For  more information about Omega 3 fatty acids, see my section on the Budwig Oil Protein diet.



Dr Clark Newsletter: High Doses Of Vitamin C Kills Cancer Cells & Saliva Test

It has been known for some years now that high doses of Vitamin C can kill cancer cells.  This has been included in the Clark Anti Cancer Protocol for years as well as in other alternative therapies.  This is supported by new studies reported in the Clark e-newsletter:


Nobel prize winner in chemistry Linus Pauling had already been using the vitamin therapy. About the possible benefits of vitamin C in cancer treatment has been discussed for decades over and over again. For more than 30 years, studies have indicated that high doses of vitamin C prolonged the survival rate of cancer patients.

Vitamin C belongs to the so-called antioxidants, and free radical catchers. These substances bind aggressive oxygen molecules in the body that can contribute to the development of cancer. This fact has led to the assumption that an adequate supply of ascorbic acid – this is its chemical formula – can protect against cancer development. As the study demonstrates, vitamin C could also be helpful in the treatment of cancer.

In the study of Prof. Chen Qi, cancer cells were exposed to high doses of ascorbic acid, the formed hydrogen peroxide killed cancer cells while healthy cells were not damaged.
Mice with tumors in the pancreas, brain and ovaries were injected with a high dose of 4grams per kilo of body weight and the tumor growth slowed down by 41-53%. It is important to have it injected into the vein and not administered orally.

Chen et al: Article from: “Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences” www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2516281/?tool=pubmed

Also reported in the newsletter is that you can get saliva tests, to test for presence of pathogens, parasites, fungus and toxins.  The tester is Heike Siemes, based in Germany.  My partner Michele used Heike when she was fighting cancer.  It is not cheap, but Heike is thorough.  Here is the extract from the newsletter:

2. Saliva Tests

More and more professionals are recognizing the connection between parasites in the human body and disease and applying the Clark protocol.

One of these is German therapist Heike Siemes , medical nurse and naturopath. She came in contact with Dr. Clark for the first time in 2004 and updated herself with practical training every year with Dr. Clark including Dr. Clark’s seminar in Montreux Switzerland.

Naturopath Heike Siemes always includes the Clark protocol for the diagnosis and treatment of disease. The reason for this is that the Clark protocol works on the cause of disease and not on the symptom. Ms. Siemes also uses bio-resonance , ozone-oxygen , IV, and other therapies. .

Ms Siemes’ main diagnostic device is Dr. Clark’s syncrometer. With it she tests saliva samples from all over the world. The advantages of using saliva for testing our health are significant!. Obtaining saliva is easy, non-invasive, non embarrassing, and certainly does not hurt. Saliva with its mix of proteins, hormones and antibodies – is a road map of a person’s health and could become the diagnostic tool of the future. Read more about this here: www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/11340128.

How does saliva testing work with Dr. Clark’s syncrometer? Through the Syncrometer, a sample of your saliva is matched with the frequencies of specific pathogens. The Syncrometer detects not only the presence of parasites, bacteria, viruses, fungus, toxins, etc but it can also detect which organ or organs have been invaded.

The benefits of having a saliva test is there is no need to be physically present. In addition, the saliva sample can be kept indefinitely for re-testing and comparison.

Not only can your saliva be tested with the Syncrometer but your drinking water, body-care products, house dust, and the saliva of your pet can be tested .

An extensive range of saliva tests for any health condition is offered. Heike Siemes will be offering a special price for the therapy program of the saliva test. Read more about this below.

3. Discount on the Therapy program of Saliva Tests

A detailed therapy program is written for you specifically, based on the results of your saliva testing. The therapy program guides you and shows you which programs you should undertake.

For the next two months of October and November, a special discount will be granted for the therapy program to those doing the saliva test. The special discount will be USD 150.– instead of USD 240.–. You save USD 90.–

Contact Syncrometer tester Heike Siemes at sanavital@bluewin.ch Or you can register for saliva testing directly through the registration form here: www.sanavital.ch/pdf/RegistrationForm.pdf

For an overview of the various saliva tests offered, go here: www.sanavital.ch/pdf/SalivaTestoverview.pdf

I have mentioned before in this blog, that whilst I believe the Clark Protocol to be thorough, scientific and effective (when followed to the letter); it also very difficult.  It is extremely complicated, detailed, requires a lot of work and is very expensive.  Just my humble opinion, but anybody considering following this path would need a small team of full time carers.  I tried to do it for my Michele as her full time carer and I was run ragged and exhausted.

We also came close to being financially wiped out by it.  Whilst nobody wants to put a price on the life and wellbeing of a loved one, the bottom line is that cancer is a long battle and you need the resources to fight that battle to the end.  It is no good getting half way there, making progress, then losing your house and having to deal with fighting cancer when you are homeless (especially as Clark requires a lot of home modifications to reduce toxic environment).  This put a great deal of stress and strain on us both and the last thing a cancer patient needs is stress.  Dealing with stress really is the main component that is missing from the Clark Protocol.  In fact, the Clark Protocol can create a lot of stress.

If you do not have good support around you, or if you do not have much money, then I would suggest the Budwig Oil Protein diet is a better option.  It is much cheaper, requires a fraction of the work and is much easier to live with.  It is also based on good science too.

But whatever path you follow, be it Clark, Budwig, or conventional; your state of mind will affect your potential to heal.  Before doing anything else, try to deal with any residual emotional problems you have, or your state of mind could undo the good of any therapy that you follow.

Dr Budwig & Understanding About Unsaturated Fats (Part 2)

As per the first part of my posting, the body isolates damaged fats that it is unable to process in various parts of the body.  Isolated fats are present in cancerous cells, muscles with rheumatic disease and around heart muscle where heart infarction occurs.  Dr Budwig recommends pure organic unsaturated fats (especially flax seed oil).

But just how do unsaturated fats help the human body?

Dr Budwig explains that in growing healthy cells, there is a small electrical charge.  The nucleus is positive and the cell membrane is negative.  Like a mini battery.  If these tiny “batteries” go flat, we start to develop problems.  Whatever other healthy foods we may consume, damaged cells are unable to absorb them properly.

The cell membrane  consists partly of unsaturated fats and when cells divide, the surface are (membrane) has to increase in size.  Undamaged unsaturated fats are required to assist this process.  Also, as mentioned in my previous posting, when strands undamaged unsaturated fats link, they release electrons.  These electrons help replenish the negative charge of cell membrane, thus “re-charging” the cell.

The Budwig Oil-Protein Diet (Part 3): Oleolox

As with Part 1 and 2 of this posting, the Budwig Oil-Protein diet which has applications for cancer sufferers to athletes, is very versatile.  Another important component is Oleolox (don’t ask me how to pronounce it, I have enough trouble spelling it).

Oleolox is very simple to make.

     250g coconut oil/fat
     125cc Flax Seed Oil
     1 onion
     10 garlic cloves

Put the Flax Seed Oil in the freezer to chill for half an hour.  Slice onion and brown it slightly in the coconut oil for about 15 minutes.  Then add 10 garlic cloves and heat for another 3 minutes.  Strain the coconut oil through a sieve into the chilled Flax Seed Oil, mix in and store in the fridge. 

When it cools down it becomes solid (though soft) and is ready to use.  It can be used as a spread just like butter though it is a matter of taste.  I like it, some don’t.  It can be used as a salad dressing and to flavour stews or casseroles.  But as with the Flax oil/quark/milk mix in Part 2 of this posting, warm by all means but don’t boil it or you damage the electron field of the Flax Seed Oil.  It is this electron field that gives Flax Seed Oil its health giving properties.

Many uses for Oleolox are given in Dr Budwig’s recipe book.  Although I have been advised that the Flax Seed Oil will negate the effects of a dairy allergy (Part 2) when using it with quark and milk, the advantage of Oleolox is that there is no dairy at all.

The Budwig Oil-Protein Diet (Part 2): How To Use It

At the heart of the Budwig Oil-Protein diet is Flax Oil and Cottage Cheese or Quark (protein).  As mentioned in Part 1 of this posting, the protein makes the the essential fatty acids more soluble and hence better absorbed by the body.

Before going any further, many people will be saying, “yes, but I have a dairy allergy”.  So did my Michele, but our therapist told us that good done by the flax oil would over-ride the damage of the dairy.  She was allowed to take dairy, but only with the flax oil.  However, I would suggest that you discuss this with your own doctor or therapist if you have any doubts.

Dr Budwig has written a receipe book which contains quite a variety.  One recurring part however is the following key ingredients mixed together in a blender:

        3 tblsp of Flax Seed Oil
        100grams of Quark
        2 tblsp of milk

This gives a slightly thick yogurt like consistency which is the base for numerous uses.  It can be sweetened with a tblsp of honey and used as a topping for breakfast (on top of fruit and blended mix of linseeds and honey (we found this topping a bit thick and added a little extra milk, but try to your own taste). 

You can make an type of ice cream from it by adding honey, fruit, fruit juice concentrate, cocoa or whatever you can dream up to flavour it.  We found banana was one of the best, but its up to your taste and imagination.  I would often double or treble the quantities and use some for breakfast and some for ice cream to cut down on time and work.

If you add honey, fruit, ice and extra milk, you can make a fruit smoothie out of it. 

If you are trying to keep sugar free, then you might like to replace the honey with stevia, which is very sweet and all natural.

With an extra tbsp of milk, 2 tbsp of apple cider vinegar, 1 tbsp of mustard and some salt, you can make a mayonnaise substitute.  Several variations are given in the recipe book as well as recipes for chutney.

You can experiment for yourself too.  Bearing in mind that food should not be cooked in oil (even good oils get damaged by over heating), I used to prepare meat and vegetables in a frying pan with a lid and a small amount of water.  The lid creates extra pressure which allows the water/steam to reach higher temperatures than it can at atmospheric pressure, though you do need to keep a close eye to make sure it does not boil dry.  I would then add the basic blend (quark/flax oil/milk) with grated cheese, salt and herbs to make a white cheese sauce (not in Budwig’ recipebook, but we liked it).  I would heat it only until the cheese melted as overheating would damage its healing properties. 

Another alternative was to use it as a curry base (many curries use yogurt which is similar consistency).  Again cook meat and vegetables as above, adding curry spices.  When it is cooked add the mix (with more spices if you like and again heat it but don’t boil it.

As mentioned in my previous posting, this diet is used by people with a wide range of chronic diseases and by athletes looking to improve their energy level for maximum performance (and not have to worry about drug testing).  It is versatile, quite tasty, and relatively cheap compared to other diets (especially cancer diets). 

I would recommend Budwig’s recipe book to anybody interesting in maintaining their health, or anybody that fears that they might be in a risk category.  I still use it regularly myself, especially the ice creams as I can make up a big quantity and freeze it . . . . yes I’m lazy 🙂   Sadly it’s too late for my Michele, but it might not be for you or your loved one.  If you only buy one book this year, I recommend that you make it this one.

The Budwig Oil-Protein Diet (Part1): For Cancer, Heart Infraction, Arthritis And Atheletes!

The Budwig oil-protein diet is not new, the work of Dr Johanna Budwig (7 times Nobel Prize nominee) has been around for decades as she devoted 50 years of her life to these studies.  She passed away in 2003 at the age of 95.  But it still surprises me how few people have ever heard of it.

We all know how toxins in the body will damage our health and well being.  Well Dr Budwig, a specialist in oils and fats, studied how highly unsaturated essential fatty acids when combined with high quality protein (which makes the essential fatty acids easily soluble), counteract toxins and poisonous build ups in our body tissue.

Budwig found that commercially processed fats and oils damage our cell membranes, lowering the voltage of our cells.  We often forget that our bodies are electrical with our cell nucleus being positively charged and the cell membranes being negatively charged.  Simply put, pure unsaturated fatty acids have an active electron field that works with our cell membranes to keep them negatively charged (and the cell “battery” live).  When these unsaturated acids are processed or cooked at high temperature, they lose their electron field so they can no longer supply our cell membranes.  This results in our cells losing their electrical charge (like a flat battery). 

When cells begin to divide they should be bipolar (positive nucleus, negative membrane) so that they can divide properly.  This is why essential unsaturated fatty acids are “essential”; because without the electron field that they supply, new cells cannot be formed properly and we get chronic diseases.  As we are talking about cell reproduction, this can effect literally any part of our body.

It also stops the cell maturation and shedding process, where the cell would normally mature and die off, and then be cleared from our bodies.  As the cells do not mature, and do not die, but continue to divide and produce more cells that will not mature and will not die; this leads to tumour production.  Where as most cancer therapies look to killing cancer cells and stopping them dividing, Budwig is totally different in that she seeks to enable them to grow and mature, so that they can then die off in the normal way (without chemotherapy and whilst strengthing the rest of the body too).

When living tissue rejects fat, our body has a mechanism to isolate it (which it does to most toxins that it cannot process normally).  These “isolated fats”, then get deposited by the body in places where fats would not normally be found.  Muscles affected with rheumatism where found to have isolated fats where as healthy muscles did not.  Cancer cells contain isolated fats too.

One of the core principle of Budwigs diet is to stop using any processed fats and oils, and to stop cooking with any fat or oil (stop putting toxins in).  However, oil with pure unsaturated essential fatty acids should be consumed, but not cooked at high temperature (which takes toxins out). 

Budwig recommends Organic Flax Oil as the best source for unsaturated fatty acids.  She recommends mixing it with cottage cheese or quark (a German soft cheese) to make the unsaturated fatty acids more soluble and easily absorbed by the body.

The diet is suplemented by massages and enemas with ELDI (Electron Differentiation) oils.  This oil is not taken orally. 

As such it can help with a number of chronic diseases by removing the toxic load.  I tried this diet with my partner, Michele before she passed away.  Obviously it did not save her life.  However, I think that by the time we started this diet she was too far gone with the cancer and had hardly any appetite left at all.  It was very hard to persuade her to eat or do the other parts of her therapy towards the end.  However, if you Google “oil protein diet” you will find that many people swear by it and that it has saved an enormous number of other lives.

Furthermore, compared with some of the other cancer diets, it is quite versatile and relatively inexpensive.  Many cancer diets (like the Coy diet), whilst effective, require special foods which are expensive.  Coy products are also difficult to get outside of Germany too.  The popular Gerson diet requires fruit and vegetable juices every hour also gets expensive because of the shear volume of organic fruit and vegetables you need to purchase, not to mention the how much time it takes to preparing it all.

The most exotic items in the Budwig diet are cottage cheese (or quark) and organic flax oil.  I know that cost is not the main concern when looking after a loved one, but if you start missing mortgage payments, it puts even more pressure and stress in your lives which nobody needs.  Although it was too late in the day to save my Michele, I would still recommend it for the following reason:

  • It is quite flexible and versatile, allowing a good variety of different flavours.
  • It HAS saved many lives.
  • It is not only used by sick people, it is also used by some athletes to get them into peak condition.
  • It is relatively inexpensive compared to other cancer diets.

I still use parts of this diet regularly to improve my own health and as a preventative (though I’m not enamoured to try the ELDI oil enema yet).  Next posting I will talk more about applying the diet.

Best Seller by Dr Budwig