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New Book/Audio CD: The Power

About 2 years ago I wrote about the Law Of Attraction and the book/film, The Secret.  They’ve recently released a new book/audio CD, called “The Power”.  Here’s a rather dramatic trailer for it:

The Secret & The Power are about focusing on what you want and sending out positive thoughts into the universe to attract what you want into your life.  As I said before, I’m not sure about that explanation of it.  However, The Secret/The Power teaches people to focus on what they want and there is an undeniable benefit of focusing on what you want.  The central theme of The Secret is focusing on what we want rather than what we don’t want (for example: I WANT to be slim, rather than I DON’T WANT to be fat).  The sub-conscious mind will find ways to work on what you focus on and bring it about.  It will do this whether you focus on being slim or being fat (even if that focus is “I don’t want *****, you are still focusing on it and the sub-conscious will tend to find ways to fulfill it).

This idea of focusing on what you do want (rather than what you don’t want) is central in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programing) which is much more science based, but uses the same working principles as The Secret. NLP talks about tapping into the sub-conscious mind to make it work for you whilst The Secret talks about tapping into universal energy.  Either way, the actual practice of focusing on what you want is very similar.

The Power goes a step further and teaches that you should “love” more.  What more positive way to focus on what you want; whether it is money, companionship, sporting success, school work, career; than to try to love it.

Although some people may have reservations about the actual explanation of how it works, NLP has shown that it does work.  I will say though, that when things are not going quite right, it is difficult to focus on what you want, rather than worry about bills, the boss being cross, the kids getting into trouble, etc, etc.  The Secret/The Power does package the whole thing in a way that is much more motivating than just trying to rationalise it on your own.  I would recommend it.


How Visualisation Techniques Can Help You Achieve Your Goals

Many people practice goal setting to help them achieve what they want out of life and with good reason.  Studies have shown that those who practice goal setting are more likely to achieve higher, earn more and are generally happier than those that do not set goals.  Having clear written goals of what you want is definitely an advantage.


However, for many people it still doesn’t work.  They write their goals then don’t look at them again.  Or they don’t really know what to do when they have set their goals. 


A powerful extension to ordinary goal setting is visualisation. 


Consider this, when you watch an exciting or scary movie, you often find that your heart rate and breathing have both got faster.  Bearing in mind that you are safe in your home, you are comfortable in your chair, sipping on your beer (or whatever), you are with your friends/family and you are not doing any physical activity that could account for these physical reactions.  So why should you actually have a fearful response in what is usually your safest environment?


The reason why is because your mind is being stimulated in a certain way by the film and as your mind controls the body, then the body reacts accordingly.


So how can you harness this to get what you want? 


This is where visualisation comes in.  Basically, you run your own film in your head.  Whatever you want out of life (within reason), visualise it.  Try to see yourself as you want to be, hear what you would expect to hear, smell what you might smell and most importantly feel the emotions you would expect to feel.  This can (as with the scary film) bring about changes in your body.  If you are going for an interview, an exam, a business deal; visualise yourself as successfully completing it.  Try to feel the feelings of success, hear your family/boss/friends congratulate you. 


Obviously this will be of limited use for example if you are going into an interview where you don’t know the subject and have done no revision for it.  But whatever your level of preparedness if you do the visualisation exercise you will be more relaxed and more confident and less prone to freezing up or panicking.  You will project yourself better.


I once heard a story of a man who was a high flying, successful consultant who went into companies telling the Managing Director what he/she should be doing.  He was confident and used to visualise himself as being very big and the Managing Directors being very small and he would boom down to them in a big voice. 


But despite all this confidence, he was scared to ask a woman out for a date.  Why?  Because his visualisation for women was the he was small and they were big and booming down at him.  When he was taught to apply the same visualisation to women as he did to the Managing Directors, he became much more confident and started getting dates.


Even with your health, if you are worried about your condition then your body produces adrenaline and other stress related chemical.  These can actually damage the immune system over time.  If you visualise yourself and healthy and happy, then your brain releases endorphins which boost your immune system.  I don’t suggest that this will cure any conditions on its own, but it can help to give you an edge.


If anybody has a similar story of using visualisation, then please share it with us.